The Village Empowerment Project

Village Empowerment: The Peru Project (2008)

6:00 minutes

Cinematography and Editing:
Chad Montrie


 The Village Empowerment Project began in 1997 with an exploratory visit to remote Peruvian villages to investigate what such communities may need and what students may learn.  The first request ˆ for communication and lighting in village medical clinics ˆ was addressed the next year, when Professor John Duffy and a group of solar engineering students installed solar panels, batteries, and transceiver radios in two remote clinics and a radio system in the base hospital on the coast. Since then, hundreds of college students have teamed up to design over 85 sustainable systems in two networks of 44 villages in the Peruvian Andes, with 120 students and volunteers in total traveling to Peru (two trips a year) to help install systems along with the local Quechua residents, among the poorest in Peru.  

For further information contact: Professor John Duffy. University of Massachusetts Lowell, Department of Mechanical Engineering.