The Irish In Massachusetts: Historical Significance, Lasting Legacy

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Queens Belfast University

September 23-26, 2014
University of Massachusetts Lowell
Center for Irish Partnerships
[A shared heritage ... A shared future"]

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Mr. Breandan O'Caollai, Consul General of Ireland

Ireland and the Atlantic World 1550-1650
Professor Audrey Horning, Queen's Univesrity Belfast

Ireland in the Early Modern Age
Dr. William Roulston, Ulster Historical Foundation

Mr. Gookin out of Ireland, wholly upon his owne adventure: Intercolonial and Transatlantic Connections in the 17th Century
Luke Pecoraro, George Washington's Mount Vernon

The Irish in Maine
Dr. Ed McCarron, Stonehill College

Long Threatening Comes at Last: Ireland's Great Famine in Irish-Amerian History
Dr. Mary Kelly, Franklin Pierce University

The Union, Slavery, and Irish Americans in the Civil War
Dr. Ian Delahanty, Boston College

Irish-American Literature (Panel Discussion)
Todd Avery, Moderator, Associate Professor, English Departemnt, UMass Lowell
Aine Greaney, Author Essayist
Michael Patrick MacDonald, Author/Essayist
Ronon Noone, Playwright
Q&A Panel Discussion

Friday, September 26, 2014

The Irish in Lowell: The Historical Context
Prof. Brian Mitchell, Immigration and Labor Historian

Transatlantic Excavations: From Crossan to the Acre
Dr. Colm Donnelly, , Queen's University Belfast.

St. Patrick's Cemetary: Remembering the Dead
Dave McKean, St. Patrick Parish and Cemetery

Irish-American Politics in Massachusetts
•  Martin T. Meehan, Chancellor of UMass Lowell, former member of the US House of Representatives
• Kathleen Kennedy Townshend, former Lt. Governor of Maryland
• David Bartley, former Speaker of the Mass House of Representatives
• Ray Flynn, former Mayor of Boston and the Ambassador to the Holy See

Building an Irish-American Community
Imelda Murphy, Big Dig photographer
Art McCabe, Center for Irish Partnership,
Jim O'Brien, Center for Irish Partnership,

The Irish in Baseball
David Fleitz, Author of "The Irish in Baseball: An Early History"
The GAA in MAssachusetts
Ruairi O'Mahoney, UMass Lowell
Appearance by Colonel Warren Perry, Barley House Wolves
Irish Sports Q&A

The Evolution of the Irish-American Politician in Massachusetts
Kevin Cullen, Boston Globe