Mansoureh Tajik
University of Massachusetts Lowell
Department of Community Health and Sustainability
School of Health and Environment

Introduction to Health Promotion (31.204)
Student Video Projects
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Fall 2010

Andover High School: Sustainable Garden
Alexandra Beauvais, Andrea Evans, & Kellie Northam

Lowell Adult Education Center: The GED Program
Arianna Picardi, Jessica Seaburg Christine Soundara , & Jennifer Gyamfi

Addiction Has No boundaries
Luz Jimenez, Noelle Kaelblein, Allsion Marsh & Jennifer Weber 

Kids Can't Fly
John Corbacio, ricot Germain, & Nicole Giaquinto 

Spring 2010

Andover High School: Sustainabile Garden Project
Amy Delgado, Maryann Ford, Jayson-Ann Wright, and Daniel Dacey

TTHM Levels in Tewksbury's Water System
Amanda Brian, Kelsey McAvoy, and Chris Mugford

Eco: All About Landfills in Our Backyard
Krista Bobola, Heather Hilbert, Julie Moran, and Stefani Wong

Genielle Homicil, Emily Oeur, Althea Sellars, and Jenna Ventura

Department of Community Health and Sustainability
Sergio Pernie, Anna Crisci, Carolyn O'Brien, and Ivy Zambe-Oneymem

Medication and Sharp Object Disposal
Melissa Squibb, Bianca Melo, and Linda Doung

Fall 2009

Opiod Overdose: A Hidden Danger
Stephanie Bates, Sean Gelinas, and Sarah Marquis

ECO: Environmental Citizens Organization
Annie Hansubry, Steven Parent, and Amanda Murray

Gastrointestinal Disease Prevention
Sandy Khem, Kristin Light, and Elizabeth Sheils

CASA: Community Action Supporting Affordability
Jimmy Le, Pascale Jean-Jacques, and Sabrina Lozandieu

Spring 2009

Greater Lowell for Peace and Justice
Jenny Fuks-Seltser, Gillian Murphy , & Jen Stone

Gyebi Alexander Asiedu, felicia Asomaning, & Peter Saing

Everyday Exposures
Robert Liekweg, Victor Colon, & Lindsay Farmer

Vida Verde
Holly DeSimone, Elizabeth Garlo, Bridget Kent, & Michelle Swanstrom

The Flu Vaccine
Margaret Arnone, Nicole Isabelle, & Erin Sheehan

Fall 2007

Nipping it in the Butt
Nikki Peov, Angela Pen & Alicia Rogers

Lead Poisoning
Amy Ledbetter, Dan Martin, & Ashley Sheehan

Kathleen Bertrand, Ashley Edson, & COlleen Phelan

Service Learning
Jill Gentz, Michael McSweeney & Sarah Wakim

The Flu
Andrea Baciu, Josh Matthews,& Meghan Clark

Spring 2007

CBA Upper Merrimack Transportation
Smith Gadd, Sopheavy Seng, Sokhira Yang

CBA - Healthy & Affordable Home
Jacquelyn Dignan, Lindsey Gianis, Jennifer Window

Greater Lowell for Peace & Justice
Faithful Baah, Erin Mooney, Melissa Nangle

Brazilian Womens' Co-op: Vide Verde
Joshua Gould, Kelly Griffin, Allison Grondski, Naomi Schey

Community Health Education Club - Healthy Lifestyle
Diana Blanchette, Brittany Buttler, Danielle Dodier

Community Health Education Club - Smoking
Marybeth Couture, Rachel Melville, Erin Michaud

School of Health & Enviornment (SHE) Community Outreach
Marie-Flore Aupont, Melanie Burgess, David Caccamesi, Marjorie Clinton