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Seminar Series Fall 2010

Economic and Social Development of Regions
Center for Industrial Competitiveness
College of fine Arts, Hu,anities and Social Sciences (FAHSS)
"Recovering from the Bubble Economy - Or Not?"

September 20
William Lazonick, Professor of Economics, UMass Lowell
"Sustainable Prosperity in the New Economy"

September 27
William Mass and Georges Grinstein, FAHSS and Computer Science
"Open Indicators and Weave: New Tools for Data Visualization & Analysis from the Local to the Global "

October 4
Sadaf Knight, Policy Analyst & Community Leadership Fellow, MA Center for Budget & Policy
“Massachusetts Budget, Taxes and the Economic Crisis: Special Focus on the Impact on Women”

October 12 (Tuesday)
Jonathan Keller, Associate Commissioner for Research, Planning and Information Systems,
Massachusetts Department of Higher Education
"The Vision Project: A Public Agenda for Higher Education in the Commonwealth"

October 18
Eric Rosengren, President, New England Federal Reserve Bank
"A View from the Federal Reserve: The New England and U.S. Economy"

November 1
Yu Zhou, Professor and Chair, Earth Science and Geography, Vassar College
"The Making of China's Silicon Valley: The Dynamics of Indigenous Development and International Compettition"

November 8
Dean Baker, Director ande CO-Founder, Center for Economic and Policy Research
“Recovering from the Bubble Economy"

November 15
Cathie Jo Martin, Professor of Political Science, Boston University
"Sustaining Social Solidarity, Confronting New Challenges: The State and Coordinated Capitalism in Europe"

November 22
Nick Turse, Associate Editor, Nation Institute's & Research Scientist, Sociomedical Science, Columbia University
“The Case for Withdrawl from Afghanistan”

November 29
Robert Ross, Professor of Political Science, Boston College
"Re-Negotiating US-China Relations: Shifting Power and Competing Nationalisms"

December 6
Maria Ivanova, Professor, Conflict Resolution, HUman Security and Global Governance, UMass Boston
“Global Governance for the Environment: From Copenhagen to the 2012 UN Conference on Sustainable Development”