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Seminar Series Fall 2013

College of Health Sciences
College of Fine Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences (FAHSS)
Economic and Social Development of Regions / Center for Industrial Competitiveness

September 16
Charlotte Kahn, Founder and Director (2003-2013), Boston Indicators Project, The Boston Foundation
"Community Indicators and Social Change: Lessons Learned the Hard Way

September 23
Charlotte Brody, Vice-President of Health Initiatives, Blue-Green Alliance
"Do It Ourselves Chemical Policy Reform"

September 30
Stuart Altman, Professor of National Health Policy, Brandeis University and Chair, Massachusetts Health Policy Commission
"Restructuring the Health Care System and Controlling Costs: The Massachusetts Story”

October 7
Greg Aftandilian, Middle East Center, UMass Lowell and Center for National Policy
"The United States Response to Egypt's Revolutionary Politics

October 16
David Kriebel, Work Environment and Lowell Center for Sustainable Production, UMass Lowell
“Science, Regulation and a Cancer Free Economy

October 21
A Conversation with Boston Mayor Thomas Menino: Challenges and Legacy

October 28

Cornel Ban, International Relations, Boston University
“From Cocktail to Dependence: Reexamining the Foundations of Europe's Peripheral Economies”

November 4
Kevin Gallagher, International Relations, Boston University
"The China Triangle:  China's Rise and the Future of the Western Hemisphere”

November 18

James Boyce, Economics Department, UMass Amherst
“Cooling the Planet, Clearing the Air: Co-Pollutants, Climate Policy, & Carbon Pricing”

November 25
Laura Vandenberg, School of Public Health, UMass Amherst
“Endocrine Disruptors: Science and Policy”

December 2
Mike Rafferty, Business School, University of Sydney
"Financial Literacy, Financial Stability and Social Policy”