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Seminar Series Fall 2008

Regional Economic and Social Development
Center for Industrial Competitiveness
"Inequality, Organization and Development"
Globalization Challenges and Impacts:
Local, Regional and National - Development, Industry and Labor

September 15

Georges Grinstein and William Mass, UMass Lowell
MICo-Viz: Measures and Indicators Collaborative Visualization
A National Consortium with Planners and Indicator Projects

September 22

Henrik Glimstedt, Stockholm School of Economics
Debunking Innovation within Open Global Technology Standards:
Competition in the Mobile Telecom Sector

September 22

Lisa Wong, Mayor, City of Fitchburg
Making a Mill City Go Again: Fitchburg Faces the Future

Co-Sponsored by the Center for Family, Work and Community, and The Labor Extension Program

October 6

Bernard Lynch, City Manager of Lowell
Lowell's Renaissance and Current Strategies

Co-Sponsored by the Center for Family, Work and Community

October 15

Meri Jenkins, Program Manager, Adams Art Program, MA Cultural Council
Cultural Economic Development in Massachusetts
Co-Sponsored by the Center for Family, Work and Community

October 20

Sue Helper, Case Western Reserve
Viewing Off-Shoring thhrough a Relations Lens and Renewing US Manufacturing

Co-Sponsored by the Labor Extension Program

October 27

Stine Grodal, Boston University
The Nanotechnology Label Across Communities: Categorizing a New Field

Co-Sponsored by the Nanomanufacturing Center and Center for High-Rate Nanomanufacturing

November 3

Robert Pollin, UMass Amherst
Green Growth, Good Jobs and the US Economic Revival

Co-Sponsored by the Lowell Center for Sustainable Production & Work Environment Department

November 10

Dan Breznitz, Georgia Institute of Technology
Innovation and the State: Political Choice and Stategies for Growth

November 17

Heike Mayer, Virginia Institute of Technology
Alternative Regional Development Strategies and Hidden Assets:
Slow Cities, Lacking Universities, & Women Entrepreneurs

Co-Sponsored by the Center for Women and Work

November 24

Ron Hira, Rochester Institute of Technology
Outsourcing America's Technology and Knowledge Jobs

Co-Sponsored by the College of Engineering and Computer Science Department and the Labor Extension Programa

December 1

William Lazonick, RESD, UMass Lowell
The US Stock Market and Economic Insecurity