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Seminar Series Fall 2007

Regional Economic and Social Development
Center for Industrial Competitiveness
"Inequality, Organization and Development"
Sustainability and New Prospects: Possibilities and Challenges

September 17

Yasheng Huang, MIT
Can India Overtake China?

September 24

Bethany Moreton, University of Georgia
The World's Largest Employer: Walmart, Politics and Policy in Latin American and the US

October 1

Evan Dobelle, President, New England Board of Higher Education
Higher Education in New England: 21st Century Challenges

October 10

Mark McKenszie, President, New England AFL-CIO
New England Labor:21st Century Challenges

October 15

Kathy Swartz, Health Policy and Economics, Harvard Medical School
Health Insurance Reform: Massacuhsetts and the U.S.

October 22

Molly Anderson, Food Integrity Systems & Senior Wallace Fellow, Winrock International
Sustaining & Transforming Northeaster Food Systems: Opportunities & Challenges

October 29

Timothy Costello, Global Labor Strategies
China's New Contract Labor Law: Contested Policy in the U.S. and China

November 5

John Rogers, Senior Energy Analyst, Union of Concerned Scientists
Confronting Climate Change in the U.S. Northeast: Science, Impacts and Solutions

November 15

Fred Salvucci, Cival & Environmental Engineering, MIT [former MA Secretary of Transportation]
Transportation Challenges Facing New England

November 19

Rachel DeMotts, RESD, UML
An Elephantine Epidemic in the Caprivi: Embedding HIV in the Environment

November 26

William Lazonic & Edward March, RESD, UML
Boston's Biotech Boom, A "New Massachusetts Miracle?"


December 3

Sanford Lewis, Director, Strategic Council on Corporate Accountability
Greening Corporations and Corporate Accountability: Environment & Shareholder Activism