Hear what UMass Lowell faculty and librarians have to say about plagiarism and other topics of information literacy including, why it's important for students to learn how to think critically, how to cope with information overload, and what are the biggest mistakes students make when it comes to research.


Dr. Melissa Pennell
Professor, English

On Plagiarism (1:54)

On Information Literacy (:47)

Critically Evaluation Information Sources (:58)

Google as a Starting Point (1:41)

Common Mistakes (1:39)


richard slapsys
Richard Slapsys
Reference Librarian


Research Techniques (5:03)

Reliability of Information Resources (2:06)


Nina Coppens
Dr. Nina Coppens
Former Dean of Fine Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences

Common Mistakes (2:01)

On Plagiarism (2:20)

Expectation (1:43)

Engaging Research (1:58)

Critical Evaluation (1:06)

On the Research Process (1:24)


Dr. Robert Tamarin
Former Dean of Sciences

On Plagiarism (1:30)

Importance of Critical Thinking (1:27)

Understanding Why? (1:26)

Navigating Information Overload (1:45)

Common Mistakes (1:32)


Patrick Scollin
Dr. Patrick Scollin
Associate Professor, Community Health & Sustainability


Critical Evaluation (1:01)

"Make The Library Your Friend" (:38)


ron karr
Dr. Ronald Karr
Reference Librarian

Engaging Research (:49)

Critical Evauation (1:37)

Impact of Google (1:09)


john wooding
Dr. John Wooding
Professor, Political Science

On Information Literacy (:55)

"Just Ask" (:42)

Thinking About Research (:35)

Framing a Question (:35)

Critical Evaluation (:30)

  Steve Tello
Dr. Steve Tello
Associate Vice Chancellor

Engaging Research (1:05)

Common Mistakes (1:34)

Expectations of Undergradates (:49)

  donna stanford
Donna Mullin

Reference Librarian

"Dig a Little Deeper" (:34)

Don't Be Afraid to Ask For Help (:32)

Searching Google (:41)

Engaging Research (1:26)

  Craig Armiento
Dr. Craig Armiento
Professor & Chair, Electrical &
Computer Engineering

Advice on Navigating the Web (1:05)

Critical Evaluation (2:27)

It's a matter of not stopping at your first source of information (1:01)

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