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The reference department at each library provides assistance for all levels of research needs to UML community.

Hours of Service

Research Assistance is provided every day the libraries are open according to the following schedule. For Holidays or during inclement weather call O’Leary Reference 978-934-4554 or Lydon Reference 978-934-3213 for availability.

Academic Year Summer Intersessions
8:30 AM - 9 PM
8:30 AM – 9PM
8:30 AM - 5 PM

10 AM - 6 PM

8:30 - 5 PM
1 PM - 9 PM

Research Services


  • Ready Reference is available for simple directional information or factual questions that can be answered from an online or print source.
  • Individual reference desk assistance is available for general questions, term paper start up or troubleshooting. The librarian on duty can recommend both print and online sources best for the topic being researched. Important search strategies can also be part of the assistance.
  • Research consultations can be scheduled for intermediate or advanced research needs by using the Contact A Research Librarian to identify a specialist for your college or department. A reference specialist will work with you to identify specific resources, both print and electronic and develop the necessary search strategies to make your information gathering the most productive. For advanced research needs the librarian may require advanced preparation. Please allow three days prior to the consultation.
  • Library Instruction Sessions can be requested for undergraduate or graduate courses to cover available resources, search strategy development and citation formatting. For more information consult the website page on Library Instruction.
  • Onsite Inquiries can be made at either campus library reference desk.
  • Online Chat or e-mail inquiries can be made using the "Ask a Librarian" link under the Research Assistance link.
  • Telephone Inquiries can be made to either Reference Desk, O’Leary, 978-934-4554 or Lydon, 978-934-3213.