Cell Phones

Users are asked to set the ringers of cell phones to silent or vibrate while in the libraries. The use of cell phones is prohibited in areas reserved for quiet study and in the computer labs. Cell phones may be used in the first floor lobbies of O’Leary and Lydon Libraries. Users are reminded to converse quietly and be respectful of other patrons.

Campus Phones

For on-campus calls, a telephone is available on the wall near the security desk at the main entrance of O’Leary Library.

Emergency Phones

Emergency phones are located opposite the main elevators at O’Leary Libraries and on the same wall as the elevators on the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th floors of Lydon Library. These phones contact UMass Lowell Campus Police only. To open communication with the Police dispatcher, press the red button on the face of the phone. Users should identify themselves and provide as much information as is safely possible. The Campus Police will respond to the call as soon as possible.