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Contributor: Robert Macy
Catalog No. 92B
Length: 58:21
Dates: 1950s, 1960s

Keyword Description:
Footage begins with newborn baby being held by family members. Baby is fed and held by both father and mother, and the crib is showcased. The film then proceeds to Christmas footage, while it also centers on the baby. Family is then shown vacationing at Cape May, while child is shown playing with all family members including the family dog. The family then attends an auto show, featuring cars from the early 20th century. Family vacation footage is then showcased. Family is first shown on a cruise boat, and then is shown in mountainous areas of the U.S. Family is then shown aboard the ship, “The Joseph Conrad.” Family is shown on a trip to Old Sturbridge Village. Brief wedding footage is included. Also brief depiction of several male family members in military attire. Film includes a lot of holiday footage, as well as family functions in the Mass. Bay area.

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