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Contributor: Robert Macy
Catalog No. 92A
Length: 56:30
Dates: 1940s, 1950s, 1960s

Keyword Description:
Footage begins on train. Footage is of a couple taking a vacation in a mountainous area. Film depicts well means of transportation of the time period. Trains, automobiles, and boats are all depicted. Footage then relocates to Yellowstone National Park, and family is shown vacationing there. Examples of wildlife are depicted. The film also includes a parade/ceremony in which the United States is honored. Footage then inclues a graduation ceremony. Film transitions from black and white into color. Film also includes Christmas footage. Film continues with footage of military personel boarding a bus headed for New York City. There are then several moments of wedding footage in the film. The film then depicts several more family centered holidays, as well as college football game.

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