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Contributor: Mike Hansen
Catalog No. 77D
Length: 10:12 minutes
Dates: 1930s

Keyword Description:
Color footage from 1938-39 begins with large family dressed in formal clothes eating at a table outside (near what looks like a cottage), with footage of a joke about the WPA (worker with a trash can, WPA sign, and flag, takes two people to shovel dirt) and a WPA sign tacked to the rear of some kind of mechanical elephant, followed by footage of Fort Marion National Monument (in Florida?), horseback riding at the Fountain of Youth Site, pan shots of coast from above, scenes of ships on the water, then kids playing outside in a yard, boats at a dock, bits at the beach, shots of people playing tennis, kids playing outside with adults watching, flowers in bloom, women canoeing on a lake, cottages and docks, and a boy golfing

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