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Contributor: Jane Benfy
Catalog No. 33
Length: 43:56 minutes
Dates: 1930s & 1940s

Keyword Description:
Begins with 1937 Christmas in Plymouth, Wisconsin, then 1938 in office at family home (see hand-written description for family member details), followed by dentist office, and scenes at the house again, trip to Mexico, an Episcopal Church in Wisconsin. Scenes from 1939 include a wedding in a house, a toddler in a playpen, an outdoor lunch, the Wisconsin Dells and scenery shot from the air, Lake Superior, washing a car, the Washington Monument, a trip to Central America (Tiquisate, Guatemala) by ship, back home after a snow, soldier in uniform, Pacific Ocean, and shots of Seattle. 1944 bits show D.C., then boy in snow, followed by scenes of D.C. again on occasion of Franklin Roosevelt’s inauguration in 1945, and flag at half staff as well as FDR’s funeral cortege in April. Footage also contains the cherry blossoms in DC and landscape as seen from the air.

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