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Contributor: Mike Hansen
Catalog No. 77C
Length: 8:38
Dates: 1930s

Keyword Description:
Footage from boat trip to Labrador in July 1938, begins with people getting on a trolley, then looking out over a balcony and street scenes, followed by bits taken from ship "New Northland," including other boats, a rugged shore line, passengers trying on life jackets and testing life boats as well as fire hoses, then footage of fish in a creek, a covered bridge, houses on the coast, a sign reading "Pont Ross Bridge," more scenes of water and coast from a boat, bits of the dock, a loading crane, a train yard, kids lining up for a picture, the town, the ships' crew in uniform, local people at another dock greeting ship passengers and kids begging for money, then people on the ship playing shuffle board.