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Reserve Policies Changes

The Reserves Policies of the UML Libraries have changed. The Libraries have made these changes in order to be in compliance with United States copyright law. Title 17 of the U.S. Code may be viewed at the Office of Law Revision Counsel.

We have limited the number of items that may be placed on reserve. For faculty members wishing to exceed that limit, we suggest contacting Joe Belanger (or call 978-934-2623) to create a coursepack. Mr. Belanger has worked extensively with XanEdu publishing and can assist you.

Reserve Policies

Please review our new Reserves policies.

  • Items being placed on Reserve must be accompanied by the reserves form with instructor's name, course information and item list.
  • Items may be placed on Reserve at any time during the semester but will take two weeks to process. Bringing Reserves items to the Access Services department earlier than two weeks in advance is encouraged and appreciated.
  • If the Library does not own an item needed for reserve, the faculty member may either contact the librarian liaison to the department or place a request through the Access Services department. Your request will be processed as a rush order for reserve. Please allow a least 60 days.
  • Personal copies of books may be placed on Reserve.
  • No more than one copy of photocopied articles per 25 students in a class may be placed on Reserve.
  • Items obtained through Interlibrary Loan may not be placed on Reserve.
  • No more than 25 photocopies and/or 25 books or other media items per course for a limit of 50 items total may be placed on Reserve.
  • No more than one chapter of a particular book may be photocopied and placed on Reserve.
  • No more than 5 articles from one journal title published in the past five years may be placed on Reserve.
  • All photocopies will be stamped with a copyright notice.
  • Photocopies may remain on reserve for one semester only.
  • Any item not in compliance with copyright law will be returned to the faculty member.
  • Personal copies and photocopies must be retrieved within two weeks of the end of the semester After that time, they will be delivered to the department office.