220 Baldwin Street

Neighborhood: Middlesex Village
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Goucher, Walter
Hume, George
Donaghey, Glendon W
Donaghey, Evelyn, B
Photograph of 220 Baldwin Street

This one-story wood-frame building with a flat roof has been greatly altered since its original construction. Behind it is a three story building at 190, on the corner of whose lot 188 was built in the early 1900s. This picture was taken in 2007.

The one-and-one-half-story wood-frame dwelling on the east side of Baldwin Street contains three bedrooms and one bathroom. It represents the historical change in single-family dwellings in a neighborhood near Middlesex Village. Constructed in 1880, it is difficult to track too much of the building’s history until 1895. The earliest records available are in Lowell atlases published 1896 and 1906, which indicate that Mrs. Sarah I. Goucher was the owner of the house at that time.


Sarah Goucher came to Lowell from Nova Scotia, Canada, with her husband, Walter G. Goucher. who ran a produce store from the house and was a clergyman at the Calvary Baptist Church . Sarah died In August 1909 followed by Walter in March 1910. Their Canada-born daughter, Ida M. Goucher, inherited the property and became the head of the house.


In July 1919 the ownership of the house was transferred to George Hume, an 1880 émigré from Scotland. Hume was a stationary engineer for the Lowell Gas and Light Co., member of William North Lodge A. F. & A. M. and the Stationary Engineers Association, and congregant at the Eliot Union church . His wife, Mary Ellen (McGovern), who also came from Scotland in 1880, was a member of the Eliot Union Church’s Kings Daughters. They had three sons, Henry, George Jr., and Scott P.; one daughter, Jeannie; a granddaughter and a grandson. George Jr. was a woodworker and in 1920 boarded at 599 Dutton St., Jeannie resided in the house in 1920, and Scott P. remained in the house in 1930.


Photograph of 220 Baldwin Street

This is the file photo of 220 Baldwin Street on the City of Lowell Geographic Information System. Not much has changed in four years.

George Hume died on June 16, 1939 and two years later his wife sold the house to Arthur R. Gardner and his wife Lilith M. Gardner, both of Billerica. Arthur was born in Canada in 1890 of an English father and Canadian-English mother. He came to the US in 1911 and worked as a manager for American Express. It may be that he bought the house only as an investment since it was only months later in 1941 that he sold the house to Glendon W. Donaghey. Donaghey, born in Canada in 1902, came to the United States in 1904. In 1924, he lived in Concord, New Hampshire, worked as a machinist for the Boston & Maine Railroad (which he continued for at least 40 years), and that year married Connecticut native Vera Ferris. They had one son, Gerald R., a mill worker who still lived with his father in the house in 1957, two daughters who died in infancy, and a daughter, Glenna M, a box maker for A. F. French & CO., who lived in the house through 1960.


Vera died in January 1954 and the next year Glendon re-married, to a woman named Evelyn B. Upon his death in 1981, she became the owner of the house. In August 1990, Evelyn moved to Florida, ending 49 years of Donagheys living in the house. She sold it to Joseph Freeman who still resided there in 2008.

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