Warren H. Manning Collection
     Warren H. Manning, 1860-1938, a landscape architect of national importance, was based in Billerica, Massachusetts. This collection contains correspondence, business records, writings, photographs, journals, and diaries pertaining to over 1600 clients in the United States.  See Also: Iowa State University - Warren H. Manning Landscape Architectural Collection: and Also: Harvard University Frances Loeb Library.
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Warren H. Manning Collection
Boxes 11, 12 and 15

Articles and Reports by Warren H. Manning
Published Versions

***   Contained in WHM Personal Scrapbook

"Agassiz Park of Calumet, Michigan Built by Community Effort," Park 
           and Recreation, Nov. - Dec. 1927.

"Arbor Day,"  American Civic Association, Department of Outdoor Art, 
             Department Leaflet No. 5, 1905.

"The Art of Making Landscape Gardens,"  Landscape Gardening.  (nd)

Bangor City Plan; The Burned District.  Report to The Committee on 
             Civic Improvements, May 22, 1911.

"Beauty as a Resort Asset,"  Northward-Ho, Dec. 1913.

"Berberous Thunbergii in New Hampshire,"  Rhodora, Journal of the 
             New England Botanical Club, Vol. 15, No. 180, Dec. 1913.

"The Billerica Town Plan,"  Landscape Architecture Quarterly, Vol. 3, 
             No. 3,  April 1913.

Birmingham; The Magic City, Civic Birmingham, 1920.  ***

"Children As Town Planners," by Percy R. Creed,  Journal of
           Education, Oct. 17, 1932.

"The Christmas Rose or Hellebores,"  The National Plant, Flower and 
             Fruit Guild. (nd) ***

"Church Grounds,"  National Plant, Flower & Fruit Guild, Vol. 16, 
             No. 4, Sept. 1927.

City Plan of Birmingham.  Birmingham, Alabama, 1919.

"Civic Horticulture and Civic Improvements,"  Park and Cemetery and
           Landscape Gardening, Oct. 1907.  (Reprint)

"Conservation of Land Resources,"  The Bostonian Magazine, Vol. 1, 
            Vol. 9, Dec. 1909.

"Construction and Cooperative Recreation" presented at the National 
             Conference on Outdoor Recreation: Washington, DC, May 
             22-24, 1924.  (Reprint: Senate Document No. 151, 68th 
             Congress, 1st Session).

"A Critique of the Exhibitions of the Department of Horticulture at the 
             Columbia Exposition, 1893,"  Abstracts from Annals of
           Horticulture of North America, 1893.

"Designing Amusement Resorts,"  Street Railway Journal, Vol. 13, 
             No. 9,  Sept. 1897.  (Reprint)

Directions for Surveying and Arranging Home and School Grounds
             Boston, Rockwell and Churchill Press, 1900.

"Directions for Making Surveys,"  The Florists Exchange, 1900.

"An Easterner Looks at Michigan,"  The Magazine of Michigan
             Vol. 1, No. 5, Sept. 1929.

"Exotic Trees for Forest Plantations,"  American Forest and Forest Life,
             Vol. 33, No. 405, Sept. 1927.

"The Field and Landscape Design,"  Landscape Architecture Quarterly,
             Vol.  2, No. 3, April 1912.

"First Traveling Annual Meeting,"  American Civic Association
             Washington, DC, Nov. 15, 1927.  ***

"For General State Survey,"  The Bostonian Magazine, Vol. 2, No. 8,
              Nov. 1909.

"For General Survey of Commonwealth,"  The Bostonian Magazine
              Vol. 3,  No. 2, Jan. 1910.

"Forestry in Massachusetts,"  Forestry and Irrigation, Vol. 8,  No. 2, 
              Feb. 1902.

(Golden Gate Park)  Parks and Cemetery, May 1898.

Goodyear Heights.  George L. Curtis Printing Co., Akron, OH, 1923.

"Governmental Recreational Responsibilities as Determine by a National 
             Plan," Landscape Architecture, July 1923.  ***

"Governmental Recreational Responsibilities as Determined by National 
             Plan," presented at the Second National Conference on 
             Outdoor Recreation: Washington, DC, Jan. 20 & 21, 1926.

A Handbook for Planning and Planting Home Grounds.  Stout Manual 
             Training School, Menemonie, WI, 1899.

A Handbook for Planning and Planting Home Grounds.  Talbot Mills, 
             North Billerica, MA, 1907.

"Hardy Ornamental Trees and Shrubs,"  1900?.  unidentified publication.

"The History of Village Improvement in the United States,"  The
           Craftsman, Feb. 1904.  (Reprint)

"Home Grounds,"  Park and Cemetery, 1900?.  (Reprint)

The Improvements of Madison, N.J.  Report to the Highway, Park, and 
             Garden Committee, Madison, N.J., 1909.

"In the Pine Barrens,"  The Pinehurst Outlook, Vol. 1, No. 9, 
             Dec. 10, 1897.

The Influence of American Expositions on the Outdoor Arts.  Lecture 
             before the Massachusetts Horticultural Society, March 8, 1902.

"Landscape Gardening,"  Massachusetts Horticultural Society
             Jan. 21, 1893. ***

"Landscaping on an Iron Range,"  The Explosives Engineer, Vol. 2, 
             No. 8,  Aug. 1924.

"Landscape Phase of the University of California Plan,"  American 
           Architect, July 16, 1898.  ***

"The Making of Herbarium,"  Co-authored with Walter Deane, Library
           Art Annex, Southampton, N.Y., June 1897.

"Michigan As a Field for Large-Scale State Planning,"  American
           Landscape Architecture, for Oct. 1929.  ***

"Minnesota,"  The Minnesota Horticulturalist, Vol. 56, No. 2, 
             Feb. 1928.

"Nation Wide Conservation,"  prepared for the Fourth Conference on
             State Parks at Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, May 1924.  ***

The National Importance of the Hudson-Mohawk Thoroughfare and
           Objects in Its' Landscape.  @1912.

"A National Park System,"  Parks and Recreation, Jan.- Feb. 1924. 

"National Parks, Monuments and Forests,"  Landscape Architecture
            Quarterly, Vol. 4, No. 3, April 1916.

"A National Plan Study Brief,"  Landscape Architecture Quarterly
              Vol. 8, No. 4, July, 1923.

"National Planning Notes,"  The Planners Journal, Vol. 1, No. 2, 
               July-August, 1935.

"Park Design and Park Planting,"  Park and Cemetery, June, 1897. 

"Practical Aesthetics,"  The Minnesota Horticulturalist, Vol. 28, No. 9, 
               Sept. 1900.

"The Purpose and Practice of Landscape Architecture,"  Transactions
             of Indiana Horticultural Society, 1893.

"Regional Highways,"  Massachusetts Federation of Planning Boards
               Bulletin No. 23, Dec. 1928.

Report of the Committee on State Parks and Regional Planning to the
             Board of Trustees of the American Society of Landscape
             Architects, Inc., 1928. 

Report of the Game Plan Committee, American Society of Landscape
               Architects, March 11, 1933.

Report on the Borough of Edgeworth, Pennsylvania.  Nov. 14, 1906.

Report to Accompany a Plan for the University of Virginia
             Charlottesville, VA. Oct. 8, 1908.  ***

A Report to Accompany Study for a System of Reservations for 
             Ithaca, N.Y.  Jan. 3, 1908.

"Results of World Fairs,"  Paper Read Before the Massachusetts
             Horticulture Society.  (nd)

"Some Data on Botanical Gardens,"  Landscape Architecture, Vol. 3,
               No. 2, Jan. 1913.

"Some Major Considerations in the Planning of Regional Highways for
               New England,"  The American City, Nov. 1928.  (Reprint)

"Standardizing Scientific Name Abbreviations and the Common Names 
              of Plants," Landscape Architecture Quarterly, Vol. 6, No. 1,
              Oct. 1915.  (Reprint)

A Step Towards Solving the Industrial Housing Problem.  The American 
              City Pamphlets, No. 131, 1913.

"Street Widths in Some Cities of More Than 150,000 Population in the
              United States,"  The American City, April 1929.

Suggestions for Beautifying Home, Village and Roadway.  Youth's 
              Companion, 1904.

Town Planning for Schools,  New England Town Planning Association, 

"Town Sites on Government Reclamation Projects,"  Landscape
            Architecture Quarterly, Vol. 4, No. 3, April 1914.

Village of Sewickly, A Report to the Improvement Association
              Jan. 21, 1907.  ***

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