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     Jack occasionally wrote articles for various New York publications or was hired as a guide for a hunting party.  For the most part, however, he and Josephine were in semi-retirement.  They enjoyed Lowell so much that they bought Suffolk Hall, at the corner of Market and Suffolk Streets (where Charlie's Corner and the Contakos Bar are presently located).  At the time, Suffolk Hall was a three story structure: the first floor was composed of storefronts, the second floor was the hall, while the third contained apartments.  Whenever they were out of town, Angelina Morlacchi took care of both Suffolk Hall and the farmhouse (which they now referred to as "the summer home").

End of the Trail

By the spring of 1880, they decided to tour Colorado.  Jack had been interested in the new silver-mining boom town of Leadville.  Both had a small troupe touring the area.  Due to the high elevation and poor air quality Jack caught a cold, which developed into pneumonia. Josephine tried 
to nurse him back to health, never leaving his side,
but nothing helped.  Jack was only 33 years old 
when he died on June 28, 1880.

After the furneral, Josephine returned to Lowell.  Once in a great while, the Peerless Morlacchi danced in small productions iin Lowell, but she never again toured.  She taught dancing and volunteered her time and services to the community.  The one goal which she never managed to accomplish was to open a dancing school for the mill girls.

     Her sister, Angelina, suffered a stroke and subsequent paralysis.  Josephine cared for her until Angelina's death August 18, 1885.  Not long afterwards, Josephine was bedridden with stomach cancer and died on July 23,1886, far from her birthplace and with no family at all, although she did have many friends.  Both sisters are buried at St. Patrick's Cemetery in Lowell.


Very special thanks to Dennis and Julie Greene

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