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Scouts of the Prairie

     Its popularity surpassed Buntline's wildest dreams.  It was obvious that the public did not mind if the actors missed a line or ad-libbed as long as Texas Jack and Buffalo Bill were portraying themselves.  They toured most major Eastern cities, playing to packed houses night after night.  The popularity of both the play and its stars continued to grow.

     It did not take long for the cast to notice that Josephine and Jack were spending more and more time together.  Yet, at the end of the first season in June of 1873, they went different ways.  Josephine continued touring with her ballet troupe, while Jack was hired as a scout for hunting parties out west.  However, they must have been thinking about each other all summer because one week before the show's second season, on August 31, 1873, Josephine and Jack were married at St. Mary's Roman Catholic Church in Rochester, New York.
Although she was legally Josephine Omohundro, she continued billing as Mlle. Morlacchi.  The retention of her maiden name keeping with her progressive nature, as well as her stature as a star.

     Some changes took place over the next few seasons: Ned Buntline was replaced by Wild Bill Hickok.  New plays were written and more actors hired.  Yet the popularity of the western dramas never waned.  Jack and Josephine could not spend as much time as they wanted back home, so what little free time they had was spent on the farm.

     After the finish of the 1875-76 season, Jack and Josephine decided that they did not wish to tour so extensively.  On the other hand, Buffalo Bill knew that this was what he wanted to do for the rest of his life.  Texas Jack and Bill parted company the best of friends.

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