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     Information available on the 1900 Census, Address; name; relationship to family head; sex; race; age; married status; number of years married; for women, number of children born and number now living; birthplace of  person and parents; if foreign born, year of immigration and whether naturalized; occupation; months not employed; school attendance; literacy; ability to speak English; whether on a farm; home owned, whether mortgaged.
     The Wigginsville section of Tewksbury was annexed to Lowell about 1906.  In order to provide as much information as possible to researchers, we have included a 1900 Street Index of Wigginsville, Tewksbury.
Special Thanks to: Walter Hickey
Walter thought up this method of street indexing.
Name of Street Roll # Ed # Page # Extra Info
River Street 666 966 118B  
River Street 666 966 120B  
River Street 666 966 122A  
Rockingham Street 666 966 120A  
Rogers Street 666 966 124A  
Rogers Street 666 966 125B  
Roper Street 666 966 114A  
Roper Street 666 966 114B  

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