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     The following marriage intentions were found for the most part in a newspaper called The Lowell Sunday Telegram.  In addition to the names of the couple to be married, the paper usually listed their ages, addresses, occupations and if they were widowed or divorced. If they list a widowed or divorced woman, they usually also list her maiden name.  Attempts were made to verify the spelling of names but as this was not always possible, the names were copied as printed in the newspaper. 
Name of Groom Name of Bride
Week Ending
Eacrett, Harold J.
Eacrett, John  H. Jr.
Early, Edward P.
Emerson, Irving F.
Emmott, John T.
Emond, Henry
Emond, Paul Alfred
Eno, Leo T.
Erickson, Edwin A.
Erickson, Robert E.
Ethridge, Herbert
Everett, James G.
Richard, Doris R.
Milinazzo, Gaetana T.
Lyko, Wanda S.
Gray, Phyllis A.
Lettrell, Mary Margaret
Sheehan, Anne
Frisette, Cecile Doris
White, Phyllis A.
Przybylo, Anne B.
Grisse, Gladys R.
Kayajanian, Susan
Corbeil, Bertha R.
14 Jul. 1945
6 Oct. 1945
27 Oct. 1945
3 Feb. 1945
22 Sep. 1945
6 Jan. 1945
26 May. 1945
19 May. 1945
10 Nov. 1945
3 Feb. 1945
20 Oct. 1945
1 Sep. 1945

By Shirley E. Rathbun

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