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     On Andover Street in Lowell, Massachusetts, two grand homes, each a mirror image of the other, stand as visible testimony to the love and affection between two life-long friends - Eli Hoyt and Freeman Shedd.  This brochure is the story of one of those men, Freeman Ballard Shedd, a most caring and generous individual.

The Early Years

     Freeman Ballard Shedd was born in Lowell, Massachusetts, December 29, 1844, the son of John and Asenath Shedd.  Freeman was one of five children born to the Shedds and one of the three who survived infancy.  His brother Joshua died at the age of three months from "cholera infantum" and his sister Elizabeth died from typhus fever.  His father John Shedd, a laborer, died in 1858, and at the age of fourteen Freeman found himself head of the Shedd household, His surviving siblings were his brother William and his sister Miriam.

     Freeman attended public school in Lowell and, while in high school, began working for E. A. Staniels, a druggist whose shop was on the corner of Middlesex and Central Streets.  The Civil War soon touched life in Lowell, and on August 8, 1862, at the age of seventeen, Freeman enlisted in the 33rd Massachusetts Regiment at Lynnfield, Mass.  He began active duty the next day as a private in Company A. Freeman soon put his pharmaceutical knowledge to use in military hospitals and was promoted to Hospital Steward in May of 1863.  He assisted at several famous battles, including Gettysburg, and by the time his service was terminated in June of 1865, he had seen three years of active war duty.  He was then only twenty years old.

     After the war, Freeman returned to Lowell and resumed working at Staniels' Drugstore.  It was during this period that he became personally and professionally associated with Eli W. Hoyt, a man who would become his life-long friend and partner,

The Partnership

Eli W. Hoyt was born in Alexandria, New York,

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