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     Much of the historical character of the building was regained in a sensitive 1991 remodeling of the facade.  The paint was stripped from the red brick and new wooden windows were placed in the unblocked upper-floor openings.  At the street level, new wooden storefronts replaced earlier incompatible remodelings.

WENTWORTH BUILDING 256 Merrimack Street 
This site was acquired in 1844 from the Proprietors of Locks and Canals by Tappan Wentworth.  The construction of the Wentworth Building was completed by 1845.  The upper floors of the building held a public meeting hall where recitals and lectures took place, while the ground floor was occupied by a clothing store.  When Wentworth died in 1875, he willed the building to Dartmouth College, which owned the building until 1918.  The building changed hands frequently after it was sold by the college.  By 1980, the ground floor was vacant while the upper floors were occupied by boarders.

     The Wentworth Building has the same rounded corner that appears on many other 19th century downtown buildings.  The cast-iron column that stands in the comer entryway is an interesting early feature.

Photographs A & B BRIDGE STREET BOARDINGHOUSE 28 - 52 Bridge Street 
The Bridge Street Boardinghouse is one of only three remaining mill-girl boardinghouse blocks of which there were once about 60 in the city.  Built in the early 1840s, it was one of several boardinghouse blocks on both sides of Bridge Street erected by the Massachusetts Mills.

     The building was sold by the Massachusetts Mills in the late 19th century, when the mill owned boardinghouse system was being dismantled.  The ground floor was quickly remodeled into storefronts due to the building's proximity to the central business district.  The building became increasingly run-down over the years and was largely vacant by the early 1980s.

     In 1986, the building was completely rehabilitated and the exterior was restored to nearly its original appearance.  All the storefronts were removed and the brick with granite trimmed walls were reconstructed.  Doors, windows and roof restoration in the original materials and appearance completed the transformation.

FRAME 6, Photographs C & D WELLES BUILDING 175 Merrimack Street
In 1824, a small one-story building that housed a book and stationery store and a bindery was constructed on this site.  The site had been acquired from the Proprietors of Locks and Canals, owners of several Merrimack Street properties.  Whenever one of these properties was sold, the deed

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