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Susan P. Marshall
  In Memory of 
       Susan S. 
 daug. of Mr. Joshua & 
Mrs. Susan P. Marshall 
       Who died 
     June 4, 1826 
     Et. 10 Years

Pawtucket Cemetery

Jonathan Hervey
       In Memory of 
     Jonathan Hervey 
            Son of 
  Mr. Artemas Stanley 
& Mrs. Betsey, his Wife 
  He died July 16, 1814 
         aged 2 years 
          & 10 Days 
This stone sweet child - these 
         tears receive 
     Tis all thy Parents 
            can give
Hildreth Cemetery

Moses Goodhue
      Memory of
Mr. Moses Goodhue,
         who died
      Oct. 30, 1824
            E.r 72
Hildreth Cemetery

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