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The Center for Lowell History has sponsored a variety of Community exhibits at the Patrick J. Mogan Cultural Center
African Americans in Lowell Lowell High School
African Americans in Lowell: 20th Century Lowell Historical Society
Art of the Draftsman Lowell Monuments
Antislavery Walking Tour Lowell Natural History
Aiken, Mary Appleton Lowell Public Art Collection
Automobiles in Lowell Lowell Special Places by Lowell Heritage Partnership
Bagley, Sarah George   Historic Districts
Birke's Clothing Store        Belvidere Hill
Butler, Benjamin F.        Chapel Hill
Cambodian Walking Tour        Lowell Cemetery
Celebrating Portuguese Communities        Rogers Fort Hill Park
Chinese in Lowell        South Common
City Lives        Tyler Park
Coggeshall, John I.        Wannalancit Street
College of Education        Washington Square
Commodore Ballroom        Wilder Street
Ethnic Weddings Lowell: Then and Now
Family Photos Middlesex Canal
Fancy Glass  Mormons in Lowell 1835 - 1865
Farley, Harriet Jane Movie Theaters
Father John's Medicine Pawtucketville
From Erin To The Acre Preble - Irish 1830s
Germans in Lowell Polonia - Polish in Lowell
Greeks in Lowell 1874-1929 Portuguese in Lowell
Greeks in Lowell 1930-1940 Portuguese Photographs
Greeks in Lowell 1940-1974 Remember the Ladies
Growing Up in Lowell Stories  Saint Anne’s Church
Harvard Brewing Company Saint Joseph’s Hospital: 150th
Health Care Shedd, Freeman Ballard
Human Services Corporation Shutes: Folk Art in Lowell
Italians in Lowell: Yesterday and Today Storefront Stories
International Institute Texas Jack and Peerless Morlacchi
Kerouac Lowell Places a guide Textile Art
Lawrence Textile Workers Typhoid Epidemic: 1890-1891
Lithuanians Coming to Lowell UML: Centennial Tribute
Lowell Cemetery Walker, Lewis - Black Elder
Lowell City Archives Wood, John (1858-1860)
Lowell City Hall and Library YWCA (1891-1991)

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