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     Information available on the 1920 Census,Address; name; relationship to family head; sex; race; age; martialstatus; if foreign born, year of immigration to the U.S., whether naturalized,and year of naturalization; school attendance; literacy; birthplace ofperson and parents; mother tongue of foreign born; ability to speak English;occupation, industry, and class of worker; home owned or rented; if owned,whether free or mortgaged.


Name of StreetRoll #ED #Page #Extra Info
Hamblett Avenue709116016B 
Hampson Street709116018A 
Hampson Street709116018B 
Hampson Street709116019A 
Harris Street709116003B 
Hartford Avenue709116022B 
Haverhill Street709117044A 
Haverhill Street709117044BMerrimack Avenue
Hemlock Street709117048B 
Hemlock Street709117050A 
Hildreth Street709116005ALakeview Park
Hildreth Street709116005B 
Hildreth Street709116006A 
Hildreth Street709116006B 
Hildreth Street709116007A 
Hildreth Street709116007B 
Holbrook Avenue709116008B 
Hopkins Street709116022B 
Huron Street709117046B 
Huron Street709117047A 
By Janet Pohl
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