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The Community Archive Center's Mission

     The Community Archive Center's Mission is to systematically gather, record and make available reports, materials, and documents generated by Lowell community agencies, organizations and the university that pertain to community social and economic development.  The goal is to expand the Patrick J. Mogan Center's current holding's in this field and to make these materials accessible to persons and groups interested in either learning about or engaging in social and economic development activity. 

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Title Description
Afro-American Council, Inc "Black History Month"   1996
American-Canadian Genealogical Society  Membership Brochure 
American Mutual  Descriptive Booklet.
American Textile History Museum 


"The Over Shot"   1998 
Museum Brochures 
Calendar of Events for Children  1997 
Invitations to Museum functions
Andover Historical Society  Brochure
Belvidere Neighborhood Association  "Belvidere News"   1995 -
Big Brother/Big Sister of Greater Lowell  Program  1992
Boarding House Park 
"Program Review" 
"Fourth of July" Family Fair 
Programs of Park Events
Boy Scouts  "Troop 80 News"   1997
Brush Art Gallery 
"Newsletter"   1995 
Invitations to Gallery Exhibits
Cambodian Mutual Assistance Association
"Water Festival"    1997 
Environmental Survey Results 
Center for Industrial Competitiveness 
"A Manufacturing Development Strategy 
   for Lowell…"   1996
Classic Elite Yarns 
Pattern Cards (color photo on front)
Cobbletsones Restaurant  "Cobblestones News 1997 -
The Coffee Mill  Newsletter   1995
Commonwealth House Interior Advisory 
Biography of Commonwealth House
Commonwealth of Mass Division of 
   Employment Security
"Manpower Planning Report" 1972
Community Outreach Partnership Center
"Outreach" Newsletter 1997,1998 
"Mission Statement"
Community Teamwork "Annual Report"  1997
Design Place Seminar Descriptions  1996
Donahue & Donahue "Centennial 1887-1987"
Downtown Lowell Business Association 
Shopping/Dining Brochures 
Historic Downtown Lowell Brochures 
"DBLA Lantern"   Newsletter 1991
Dracut Historical Society Newsletter
First Market Research  "Growing Up in Lowell"
Franco-American Day Committee Brochure of Festival Week June 1990
Greater Lowell Chamber of Commerce Brochures
Greater Lowell Community Foundation 
Information Packet
Greater Lowell Computer User Group 


Invitation letter to 1st Anniversary  1985 
"General Bulletin"  1985 
Greater Lowell Genealogy Club 
   (see: Lowell Family Research Center)
Greater Merrimack Valley Conservation &
   Visitors Bureau
"Connector"  1996 
Lowell Brochures 
Invitation to …City of Lowell
Harkins, Kevin (Photographer) Business Promotion Cards
Historic Massachusetts Conference "Developing Downtowns"
Hunger / Homeless Commission Resource Guide
Immigrant City Archives Brochure
Kaufman, Mico "Homage to Women"
Lowell, City of
"Lowell Consolidated Plan Executive 
Lowell, City of  (Business Leaders) "Mill Town Renaissance"  1985
Lowell, City of Programs / Brochures / 


"University of the Neighborhoods" 
"Portraits in the City" 
"Classroom in a City" 
"City of Lights" 
"Festival 78" 
"First Night" 
"Lowell and the Merrimack Valley" 
"Summer Performances”  1990 
"Sports Museum Opening Night" 
"Downtown Lowell Shopping & 
    Dining Guide" 
"They Came to Lowell" 
Liability Insurance Form 
Map "Historic Lowell" 
Lowell Celebrates Kerouac Events, Brochures, Guides
Lowell Community Archives Site Map
Lowell Community Foundation
"Community Foundation Day 
   Agenda"  1997
Lowell Community Health Center 
"Lowell Teen Coalition" Brochure 
Newsletters in Khmer
Lowell Corporation for the Humanities "A Question of Heroes" Event
Lowell Council on Aging "Heritage" Newsletter 1996
Lowell Enterprise Community "Newsletter"  1997
Lowell Family Research Center
Greater Lowell Genealogy Club 
"Harvesting"  Newsletter 1997- 
Information Folder
Lowell Garden Club
"Treasures of the Mill Girls"  
   Flower Show  1992
Lowell General Hospital 
"Annual Report"  1996 
"Health"  Newsletter 1998
Lowell Hellenic Heritage Association
"The Greek Acre of the 1930's"  
   Exhibit announcement
Lowell Heritage State Park
"Lowell-Dracut-Tyngsboro State 
   Forest Trail Map"
Lowell Historic Board 
Historic District Brochures 
"Living in Lowell Past and Present" 
   Program 1990 
"National Preservation Week" 
   Brochures 1995-1996
Lowell Historic Preservation Commission Annual Report 1982
Lowell Historical Society
Programs, Brochures, Mission 
   Statement, etc.
Lowell Historical Society  Newsletters
Lowell Institute “…Puerto Rico and the U.S….” Lecture
Lowell Memorial Auditorium "Broadway Series & Specials"1998-99
Lowell National Historical Park Programs / Brochures
Lowell Parks & Conservation Trust 
"White Water Adventure" Brochure 
"The Spalding House" Report 1998 
"Newsletter"  1998
Lowell Plan 


Report 1990 
"School Ties" 
"If the Falls Could Speak" 
Lowell Retail & Service Directory
Lowell Police Dept. Community Policing Program 
Back Central Survey Report 
Lower Belvidere Survey Report 
Lower Highlands Survey Report
Lowell Regional Transportation Authority
"Lowell Line" Schedule 
System Map and Rider’s Guide
Lowell School Department “Schools”
Lowell Telecommunications Corporation "INFOCUS"  1996-
Makris Production "Cameos"
Manning Association "Manning Messenger"  1991-1993
Massachusetts Archives
"Family History"
Massachusetts Community Water Watch
Massachusetts Heritage State Parks Booklet
Merrimack Repertory Theatre
"A Theatre Journal"  1991, 1993 
Massachusetts Toxic Use Reduction 
Annual Report  1991
Merrimack River Watershed Council
"Mid-Stream News"  1989 
"River's Reach" 1992
Middlesex Canal Association
Notice  "Bicentennial Colloquium"  1995 
Map to Boott Cotton Mills
Middlesex Community College Notice of Events
Museum of Our National Heritage "Summer 1998"
Nashoba Valley Magazine 1989, 1990
National Council for Tradition Arts Folk Festivals
Nesmith House Program
New England Folklife Center Notice of Events / Programs
New England Folklife Center "Folklines"  1991
New England Folklife Center "Millweed'" 1995, 1997-98
New England Historic Genealogical 
Brochures / Programs
New England Quilt Museum
Calendar of Events / Programs 
Newsletter 1997
Northeast Document Conservation Center "NEWS" 1998
Northern Middlesex Convention & 
   Visitors Bureau
Parker Lecture Committee
Calendar of Events 
Special Programs
Peabody Properties Market Mills 5th Anniversary 
Photographers "A Day in the Life of Lowell" 1985 
Play by Play Theater Company Program Announcements
Pollard Memorial Library
Bio Sketch of Library 
Program Announcements
Regatta Festival Committee "Oktoberfest"
St. Patrick's Cemetery
Invitation to dedication of Hugh 
   Cummiskey monument
St. Patrick's Irish Cultural Committee "Irish Cultural Week"  1991
Southeast Asian Restaurant Menu
Sports Museum of New England Grand Opening  1997
Tsongas Industrial History Center Brochure - “Children as Workers"
United Way of Merrimack Valley
A Report on the Needs Assessment of 
   8 Geographic Region"
University of Massachusetts Lowell 


Center for Family, Work and Community
   (Business Owner survey 1998) 
Community Interview Project 
"Development of Community-bases 
   Jobs Initiatives" 
See:  Center for Industrial Competitiveness 
"Employment Training & 
    Support Resources" 
Interdisciplinary Centers & Institutes – 
    Research Brochure 
LIRA Office of Community Service
   10th Issue 1988-1998 
"Middlesex & Essex County Metal 
   Working…" (Forrant, Robt)
"Plastics in Massachusetts"  
   (Best, Michael) 
"University In The City"  Request for 
   Scholars (Forrant, Robt.) 
Workshop  “The Art of Peace”  
   Anne Mulvey 
Wannalancit Office & Tech Center Brochure
Welles Emporium Ltd.  Winter Sale Announcement 
Whistler House Museum  Invitation to Art Shows 

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