Through the Church of All Nations, Reverend Leslie Bockes opened a summer camp designed to provide children from the Acre with character building experiences. His daughter, Patricia B. Ingersoll donated photographs and records of this camp.
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Box      Folder       Description 
Box 1 Photo Albums
3 black photo albums of the camps and campers of The Church of All Nations.
Loose album photo pages of The Church of All Nation's camps and campers.
Box 2  Photo Albums and Checkbook
1 large photo album with photos of Leslie C. Bockes family history/genealogy, cemetery stones and notes.
1 checkbook from The Union National Bank of Lowell belonging to The Church of All Nations from 1946 - 1956 (also other receipts and letter inside it).
1 photo album of 1920 camp photos.
Box 3 Scrapbooks, notebook and Guest Book
1 brown scrapbook with newspaper clippings from 1930's and 40's of The Church of All Nations.
1 black scrapbook of The Church of All Nations schedules of events and news from 1929 - 1930.
1 red guest book 11/10/1974.
1 notebook of campers names and addresses.
Box 4  Scrapbook Supplies
Blank scrapbook pages and odd envelopes and small box
Box 5 Stereoview Postcard and Photos
Stereoview postcard of The Worthen St. Methodist Church
Tin type of St. Paul's Church on Hurd Street
Photos of The Church of All Nations campers and members
Box 6 Negatives
Negatives (with some photos) of the camps and campers of The Church of All Nations.
Box 7 Miscellaneous Files of The Church of All Nations
Folder 1 Bockes, Leslie C. Rev. 06/02/1892 - 03/14/1958.
Folder 2 Christopher, Dorothy E. 06/11/1902 - 01/28/1983.
Folder 3 The Church of all Nations choir music sheets.
Folder 4 The Church of All Nations correspondence and donation letters, inventories.
Folder 5 The Church of All Nations lists of campers, Christmas card list and more.
Folder 6 The Church of All Nations form letters sent to service men and also to all whom attended the camp.
  2 letters from one service man, Corporal Samuel Shaheen.
Folder 7 Letters from service men to Rev. Bockes.
Folder 8 Reunion materials for the July 23, 1961 reunion of The Church Of All Nations.
Folder 9 Lowell Courier Citizen newspaper, July 07, 1930 "Agency Formed to administer Welfare Fund".
Folder 10 Music sheets/booklets.

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