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  15.  Colburn School, 122 Lawrence St., 1840.
The oldest school building still in use in Lowell, the 
Colburn School was designed by a local school 
principal. Like other schools of the period, it 
contained a single school room capable of holding 
200 students and two recitation rooms.  Its simple 
Greek Revival form was the traditional style used 
for Lowell's public buildings during the 1830s and 
1840s and can also be seen in the Old Market 
House, Franklin School and Old City Hall.

  16.  412 and 414 Gorham St., 1840s.
In the 1840s the Greek Revival style was used 
almost exclusively for worker's houses. Gable-
end siting (the narrower end of the house facing 
the street) was ideal for long, narrow city lots, 
and improved building technology made 
standardized mill work available to owners of 
all income levels.  The recessed entrance of the 
house on the left has retained its trabeated door 

  17.  William Nichols House, 11 Centre St., 1841.
The two story, full-width columned portico of this 
house makes it one of the area's finest works of 
architecture. Of all the various forms the Greek 
Revival style could take, this most closely resembles 
the Greek temple from which the style originated. 
William Nichols, the first resident, was the 
prosperous owner of a grocery store which stood 
at the corner of Central and Church Street.


Colburn School
Greek Revival Style
Centre Street
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