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11.Glory Buddhist Temple, 24 Cambridge street
The Glory Buddhist Temple, housed in what was once a warehouse 
for an office supply company, was established in 1989 as a 
monastery, community center, and place of worship for the many 
Cambodians living in the Lower Highlands. The Glory Buddhist 
Temple is located near the Highlands, in a Lowell neighborhood 
known as Hale Howard, once home to many Russian Jews and 
Eastern European immigrants. Today, special religious occasions, 
such as Pchum Ben, the commemoration of ancestors, or Pisak 
Bochea, the celebration of Buddha's birth, are celebrated at the 
temple. In addition, the monks, who live simply, with gifts of food 
and money from the community, offer weekly classes in the Khmer 
language and Cambodian culture. Monks often tailor their classes 
for young Cambodian couples who wish to marry here in America, 
but also want to maintain ties to the traditions of their homeland. 
With the planned addition of a Cambodian style ornamental roof, 
the Glory Buddhist Temple will continue serving the cultural and
spiritual needs of Lowell's Cambodians.

12.Trairatanaran Temple, 
           21 Quigley Street, North Chelmsford
Established in 1985, the Trairatanaran Buddhist Temple fulfilled the 
desires of the early Cambodian community for a temple large enough 
to serve the area's growing Cambodian population. Cambodian 
community members purchased the building, formerly an electronic 
factory, for $250,000. Cambodians come for religious and holiday 
celebrations, including the festive New Year. Eleven monks currently 
live at the temple, and people come from Lowell, Revere, Boston, 
Maine, Chelsea, and Lynn for additional services that include tradi-
 tional healing, monks' blessings, and language classes. The temple 
also has a library in the basement and is used as a center for 
Cambodian art and culture. As a center of religious and cultural 
celebration, Trairatanaran Temple signifies for Cambodians and 
non Cambodians alike the permanence of this growing community.

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