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9.Cupples Square, Westford Street
Once a small, nearly forgotten center for the Lowell Highlands 
neighborhood, located at the intersection of an old streetcar line, 
Cupples Square is now an important commercial center for Lowell's
 Cambodian community Cambodian entrepreneurs, along with 
Vietnamese, Laotian, and Thai business people, took advantage of 
empty storefronts in Cupples Square to open commercial establish-
ments that could serve their growing communities. Today, you can 
find dozens of Southeast Asian owned and operated businesses in 
Cupples Square, including video rental stores, Asian food markets, 
barbershops, jewelry stores, insurance agencies, tax services, legal 
services, hair stylists, appliance repair shops, acupuncturists, 
herbalists, and restaurants. There is even a Cambodian newspaper 
published twice a month in Cupples Square.

10.Phnom Penh Market, 179 Chelmsford Street
The Phnom Penh Market on Chelmsford Street is the largest Asian 
market in the city. Named for the capital city of Cambodia (many 
Cambodian businesses in Lowell are named for regions or temples 
in Cambodia), Phnom Penh Market is located in a part of the city 
that is both commercial and residential. A successful business that 
meets the needs of the community, Phnom Penh Market provides a 
comfortable and familiar experience for Cambodians, without the 
emphasis on packaging or marketing you might find in Western 
stores. In fact, it's closer to an open air market than a supermarket. 
The Phnom Penh features rice, vegetables, fish, and fruit, as well as 
other staples of the Cambodian diet, but you can also find Asian
delicacies and such household items as bamboo mats, ornamental 
dishes, decorative rice cookers, winter gloves and shovels, automobile 
seat covers, and small devotional altars for the home. There are also 
newspapers and magazines from Cambodia, and an information 
panel for messages about happenings in Lowell.

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