Benjamin Franklin Butler, 1818-1893, was a lawyer, working class democrat, northern civil war general, congressman, governor, and presidential candidate.  He was loved and hated often at the same time by the same people.  The Lowell Historical Society has gathered cartoons and prints from a variety of 19th century magazines.

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BOX 1 

Ballou's Pictorial "View of Merrimac Street, Lowell, Massachusetts"  1856 
Every Saturday "Candidates for the Governorship of Massachusetts"  
     September 30, 1871
Gleason's Pictorial "Junction of Concord & Merrimack Rivers, Lowell, 
     Massachusetts" 1856
Gleason's Pictorial "View of the Boott Cotton Mills"  May 29, 1852
Harper's Weekly "Cradle of Liberty In Danger"  April 11, 1874
Harper's Weekly "Crescit Sub Pondere Virtus"  March 9, 1878
Harper's Weekly "Do you see me?  General Butler Defying the Rebels at New 
     Orleans" September 6, 1873
Harper's Weekly "Falstaff Hancock and His Ragged Regiment. Not a Fit Party to 
     Trust" October 9, 1880
Harper's Weekly "Hopeless Undertaking"  October 9, 1880
Harper's Weekly "Lone Fisherman"  January 18, 1879
Harper's Weekly "Major-General Benjamin F. Butler, Commanding Department of 
     the Gulf" July 12, 1862
Harper's Weekly "Now or Never-The White House or "Bust"  October 15, 1882
Harper's Weekly "Slippery Hill of Georgia"  March 23, 1878
Harper's Weekly "Toodles Ticket"  October 2, 1882
Harper's Weekly "Trouble Has Commenced-A Tale of Anxiety"  February 27, 1875
The Judge "Ring Out The Old, Ring In The New" 
Lee and Walker "The Contraband Schottische"
Leslie's (Frank) "Amerikanische Gartenlaube"
Leslie's (Frank) "The Butler Game in Massachusetts"  October 12, 1878
Leslie's (Frank) "In a Dilemma"  October 5, 1878
Leslie's (Frank) "Sancho Panza Grant and the Congress Doctor Sumner"  May 1869
Nast (Thomas) "Benjamin F. Butler"
New England Illustrated News "Mrs. Columbia"  November 4, 1876


Prang & Company "Benjamin F. Butler"  Boston, Massachusetts 
Print "Benjamin F. Butler"
Print "Benjamin F. Butler" (1 of 6 figures)
Print "Court House, Lowell, Massachusetts"
Print "Union Generals"
Puck "And Yet He Still Lives" 
Puck "Busted" Side-Show"
Puck "He Knows His Business"
Puck "Grand Presidential Auction - Sale for the Year 1888"
Puck "I Never Wish to Defend a Man Unless I Know that He Is Quilty"  June 8, 1887 Puck "National Political Mad-House"
Puck "Opening of the Congressional Session"
Puck "Our Government Farm. President Cleveland Finds an Effectual Protection 
     Against the Twenty-Five-Year Locusts"
Puck "Political Coney Island"
Puck "Puck's Prize Christmas Puzzle Picture"
Puck "Puck's Thanksgiving Dinner to the Destitute and disappointed Politicians and 
     Labor Agitators"
Puck "Their Little Funeral"
Puck "Too Many Leaders"  1884
Puck "Veiled Prophet and the Unveiled Prophet"
Puck "What these Fools those Mortals be!"  June 8, 1887

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