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Boston and Maine Railroad Historical Society
     In 1978, arrangements were made to house the historic materials collected by the Boston and Maine Railroad Historical Society.  This Collection consists of records, periodicals, books, maps, timetables, and photographs related to The New England railroads.
BM 1903 Train
BM 1940 Train
Both of these photos are from the B& M Railroad Collection
     Collections belonging to the Boston and Maine Railroad Historical Society are housed at the Center for Lowell History. These are not the official archives of the Boston and Maine Railroad, but rather materials gathered by members of the BMRRHS, a group of very dedicated enthusiast.  Finding Aids and Guides to many of the collections are available online at BMRRHS Archives.  In response to frequent genealogy and family history requests for information regarding Boston and Maine Railroad employees, the Center for Lowell History created a merged list of all the B&M Railroad Employee Lists 1874-1939,  about 6,000 names) found in the collections.  Please Note: there are no additional employee lists or employee information available at the Center.  The Railroad Retirement Board may be helpful.

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