Williamson Wilson, Hannah
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Courtesy: American Textile History Museum
Transcribed: University of Massachusetts Lowell, Center for Lowell History
                                         Lowell [Sunday] April 3, 1836
Respected Friend1 it is with pleasure I now employ a few
moments in writing to inform you of my health which is very good
at present and I hope this will find you in the enjoyment of the same
they are a having a general turning out here now the girls in
the narrow Weave Room went out at once on account of
their lowering their wages they took off two shillings2 on
a beam but Lawrence3 raised them again and sent for
them to come back and they did Saturday the Spinners all
stoped their work at once and run up around Putman4
he grumped and says be oh the Devil how shall I get out
of this go to work and I will make the report tomorrow
unless they raise the wages they are all going out at 12 o'clo
for good the [work?] is very bad and they are raising the Board to nine
shillings and Jobhands cannot not much more than bear their
Board so i think you are better off where you are for there is
more girls than you can shake a stick at the Lawrence
corporation5 say they can spare an hundred girls and not
miss them they are running over Holly Thompson has
gone to doing house work at Doct Hubbard's6 she could not
get in the factory nowhere in Lowell I saw Wilson7
Sunday he sends his respects to you and wants you should
come back and court up David his Cousin he is a real
pretty fellow you must come in the Fall when they get
settled down again Mr. Webb8 & Wegewood9 has left

Elkins10 has taken Weges place & Lumis11 Webbs they get
along pretty well there has been quite a rel a revival here

  1Mary S. Fraser
  2Shillings: 1 shilling = about 16 cents, or 6 shillings = $1
  3Lawrence: Lawrence Mills or Samuel Lawrence, Agent 
    Belvidere Mills
  4Adam Putnam, manufacturer b: 16 July 1799 Stow, MA; house 
     Hurd St.; son of Asa Putnam and his 2nd wife Catherine Evelith; 
     married Dec 1823 Nancy Puffer
  5Lawrence Mills
  6Charles Hubbard, physician, house Church St., business Central St. 
  7Clifron Wilson b: 11 Apr 1811, Pelham, NH d: 19 July 1887; 
     son of Eliab Wilson  b: Pelham, NH and Damaris Fox b: [Dracut?] 
     MA; married Hannah I. Williamson  b: 6 July 1836, Pomfret, VT
  8Edward A. Webb, overseer Middlesex Mills, house Lawrence St.
  9Joshua Wedgewood, overseer Middlesex Mills, house near corner 
     Hurd and Warren Sts
  10James Elkins,  overseer Middlesex Mills, boards Miss Eliza 
     Manning Lawrence St.
  11Warner S. Loomis, overseer Middlesex Mills, house corner 
     George and Warren Sts

among the Methodist12 Louis Dufer has become pious and
Serene Buchnam & Clarissa Blake13 quite a change at Mrs.
Coburns14 and I hope their will continue to be there and every-
where else give my respects to all who may enquire
for me

Hannah Parkhurst15 wants to come up their to work16
she wants you should ask Mr. Bingham what
he will give her and she will come I shall expect
you to write as soon as you get this write all about
the folks about your Moses and how much he will give
her per week it is almost night I cannot write very mor
write as soon as you get this without fail besure and
ask Mr. Bingham so goodby   Hannah I. Williamson17

[on cover]
Miss Mary S. Fraser18
Stockbridge, VT19

  12First Methodist Episcopal Church Chapel Hill - Revs Ira M. 
       Bidwell and Charles Noble
  13Dufer, Buchnam, and Blake: operatives Middlesex Mills
  14Mrs. Clarissa Coburn, boardinghouse keeper, Warren St.
  15Hannah Parkhurst, operative Middlesex Mills, bds at Mrs. 
       Clarissa Coburn, Warren St.
  16Woolen Mill built in Gaysville section of Stockbridge, VT
  17Hannah Irenine Williamson b: 21 Apr 1816 Pomfret, 
       Windsor, VT d: 14 July 1901 Pelham, NH; daughter of Caleb 
       Bates Williamson d: 1822 and Hannah Tupper d: 1832; 
       orphaned at 16; married Clifron Wilson b: 11 Apr 1811, 
       Pelham, NH d: 19 July 1887
  18Mary S. Fraser b: 29 Nov 1814 Pomfret, VT d: 20 Mar 1885; 
       married Mar 1841 Issacher Adams
  19Stockbridge, VT Population 1,419 [1840]

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