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Miss Orilla Varney
Upper Jay
                       Lincoln4 April 12th 1846

Dear cousin with pleasure do I improve the present opportunity in
writing a few lines to you. We are enjoying good health at
present and may those lines find you enjoying the same
good blessing. We talk of going away I think we shall go next
week if we go I will write to you then and let you know
where we are and then I want you to write to me without
fail. I donít know of much that would be interesting to you.
I will think of all I can. Uncle Solomons folks are all
Well.  Stephen is a stepping up to a girl and we think it
will be a match her name is Charlotte Babcock. We
all went to meeting today Stephen and Charlotte
are here now they have come to meeting he sends his
respects to you. Uncle Ozials folks are all well and all
the rest of the folks. Caroline has a pretty baby no mistake
they think it so to.  Maria is well and is a living at
home now. I think she will this summer. Lewis and Maria
are well I think it is to bad that I was gone all the
time you was here. I did not hardly get a sight at you and
I donít think much of it when I came home and found
you gone I was most mad. I suppose you have heard that I
am married. Jasper5 sends his love to you and he thinks

  1Photocopies donated by Robert C. and Arlene Stykerman; 
    Transcribed by University of Massachusetts Lowell, 
    Center for Lowell History.
  2Cousin Ė Orilla Varney b: 1828, NY d: 1861, NY; parents: 
     Ezra G. Varney and Charlotte Slater; married 1850: James Owen.
  3Caroline Maria Varney b: 15 May 1828, Lincoln, VT d: probably, 
     Lawrence, MA; parents: Moses Varney and Eleanor Dow Gore; 
     married: Jasper Richardson b: 26 Nov 1822, Woodstock, VT 
     d: 1904, Lawrence, MA; children: Edgar Eugene Richardson.
  4Lincoln, Vermont.
  5Husband - Jasper Richardson b: 26 Nov 1822, Woodstock, VT 
    d: 1904, Lawrence, MA.

when we come from Lowell we shall come over there and
see the cousins. I should like to come and see you and want you
to come over there when i get home and then I think I shall
see you.  donít come till I do go down to Lowell and
work in the factory with me and get the dollars and then
we will take comfort. Mother and Louisa is going to all
the good ones are a going. Lincoln will be lonesome I think. I shall
send Ezra a paper out this week. I cant think of any
thing more now so I will draw this ill composed bad
written lines to a close please excuse all mistakes this
from your friend and cousin     Caroline M. Richardson

                 To  Miss Orrilla Varney

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