Tuttle, Mary L. 1846 03 01 [ATHM]
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                        Lowell3 March 1, 1846
Dear Brother it is with degree of pleasure that
I sit down to wright a few lines to one who
is allmost a stranger ore rather appears so it
has been so long since we have seen each other
ore written but let [----] it be so
longer but let us call to mind in days of
our childhood when we youst be
happy and play together.
but alas they have past and with them our
youthfull days some day we shall be old and sink
into the tomb but let us [----] are young day
prepare to meet that day which is fast approaching.
 I am now in Lowell to work in the mill
but how long I shall stay their I do not now
when I left home Grandfather was very sick
did not think him to stand it long, he
never was so sick before the rest was as well as
usual Mother4 was very slim my health is
as good as usual except a bad cold which
is some better now. I work whare I did before
and board on the Tremont5 No. 29. I found
all of the folks well but this has been a great
change in things since I was hear before.
I may stay in Lowell a few months
or longer or shorter. I cannot seem to
tell just now. I like as well as I did before
but have not gut so good a boarding place
as I had before how ever I must make it do
 1Mary Lucy Tuttle b: 9 Aug 1825, Stratham, NH; parents: 
     Thomas Tuttle and Mary Stockbridge; married 1846: 
     Eben M. Tuttle b: 1823, Exeter, NH.
  2Brother – James Smith Tuttle b: 3 Oct 1823, Stratham, NH d: 1913.
  3Lowell, Massachusetts.
  4Brother – Isaiah Wiggin Tuttle b: 24 Aug 1827, Stratham, NH 
     d: 24 Jun 1900, Stratham, NH.
  5Tremont Mill – cotton mill.
as long as I stay hear. Which I think will be
hard give my love to Uncle’s folks and
Miss Post and all of the rest that I now
in Boston. I shold be pleased to have you
and Isaiah6 make me a visit now I ame in
Lowell give my love to Isaiah I should like
to see you and have a long talk with you for
I have a lot to tel you but it seemes as this
I should never see you again. I should think 
you might spare time to come home once again
to see your mother fore it is not likely you will
have her to go and see much longer . James
when I go home I think I shall visit Boston
and  Charlestown (C) how soon that that will be
I cannot seam to tel just now but further
I can tel in a week ore two. I may stay
until fall if willing happens, but do
not expect to [----] now I want you
to write and tel me all of the news
tel me when you expect to be married
I shold think you might just let me now that
little thing fore I should like to see the [----] 
tied if you are willing but [----] boys
are sly things [----] they well I must
[----] close I cannot see any longer
I have written so much to day I have
writen to Martha and Eiter and am
now writing to you I almost tired
  6Brother – Isaiah Wiggin Tuttle b: 24 Aug 1827, Stratham, 
    NH d: 24 Jun 1900, Stratham, NH.
of writing should you not think I had
all most well I must bid you good
evening and retire
      When far away from all that’s dear
      thus taken you may see
      and if you have one thought to spare
      Brother remember me
      from your sister
      Mary L. Tuttle
      Lowell, Mass.
      Tremont No.29
my Love to you James
write will you as soon as you
get this

[on cover]
Mr. James L. Tuttle
Boston, Mass

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