Tuttle, Mary L. 1844 01 25 [ATHM]
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                                Lowell3 Jan. 25, 1844

Mr. James

Having just received a letter from father
and that I am out of the mill this afternoon
I thort it a conveint time to write to you and
thort of writing to Hannah this afternoon.
 Our folks are all well Lually is not very
well and father said that Major Joseph Hoit and
Joseph Combs has died since I came from home
and that John Clark courting Irene S. and
Joel canít get a chance to want her I think it is
to bad donít you and they all Send thare love
to you and want you to write and lerned that Isaiah4
had made you a visit and I think of makin
you a visit Some in to or thre months.
 I like this place very much indeed and I have
got the pleasantes place to work that is in the city
and the [----] it is almost out of the city.
Mary Smith Sends her love to you and we work
on the Tremont5 No.1 and bords on the Suffolk6
on the No.29 we work together and bord together.
 You wanted me to come up to boston
Thanksgiving day but I would not get out
we are having Picknicks hear and I went
last Friday night and we had a first rate
one and thare was one last night
but I did not go

  1Mary Lucy Tuttle b: 9 Aug 1825, Stratham, NH; parents: 
     Thomas Tuttle and Mary Stockbridge; married 1846: 
     Eben M. Tuttle b: 1823, Exeter, NH.
  2Brother Ė James Smith Tuttle b: 3 Oct 1823, Stratham, NH d: 1913.
  3Lowell, Massachusetts.
  4Brother Ė Isaiah Wiggin Tuttle b: 24 Aug 1827, Stratham, NH 
     d: 24 Jun 1900, Stratham, NH.
  5Tremont Mill Ė cotton mill.
  6Suffolk Mill Ė cotton mill - boardinghouse.

thro the goodness of god we are permitted
to see this year the new year 1844 which sometimes
have thort shold not be but it is through his goodness
alone that we see this time. I hope you have
not forgut to pray to the god who is the server
of thort and [----] of the [----] of the children
of men and I hope we both Shall live in
the fear of the lord that when our days
are numbord on erth that we may be
So happy as to be received to reign in
his heavenly kingdom whare the inhabiter [----]
will not Say that they are Sick and
our troubles will they be over and we
Shall be happy forever and fore ever more.
Dear Brother Shold we ever we be So happy
as to enter that place let it be our
daley concern let us [----] and
that that day shall not over take us as Sober
a theaf in the night death is ever on our trail.
 When you rite to Hannah please give
my love to her we have some good
meetings. Hear Eddie Colde is Sick and
I want to now if Edwin B.
preaches in Boston now give my love to
Aunt C and Uncle L and Ellen and
to all the rest that I now in
Boston. Thomas Rundlett is at home
and John is hear and David

Thomas gut in a scrape and had to leave
this place he courted to girls and was going 
to be married to one and at the same
time was courting another girl and they
both found it out and they had a 
curious time and I canít tell you no
more about it now donít you tell any
one of it and when I write again
I will tel you the hol Story.
 I want you to write as soon
as you get this and tel me all the
news and tel me if Hannah was
up to Boston thanksgiving or not and
if you are well before I rite home
and tel me if you have wrote home
tel ant Catherine that I Shanít disappoint her
many times more I will endeaver not
to. I donít now wether I shall have
time to rite to Hannah or not to night
if not I shall Soon it is now Sun Set
and I has gut a grait deal to do we change
work and so it was my turn to come
out this afternoon. I have a first rate
boarding place I shold like to have you come
down to Lowell and see me if you
will. I have been all over this place [----] 
father sais he wants to se you and he
hopes we all shal meat in heaven and
I hope we shold and I hope he will Sign the pledge.

        Your Sister     Mary L. Tuttle

[on cover]
Mr. James S. Tuttle
Boston, Mass


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