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JUNE 28, 1856

The following brave sentiments from the "factory girls of Lowell, Massachusetts, on the outrage of Senator Sumner, speaks for themselves.
                                 The Factory Girls and Preston S. Brooks.
     The factory girls of Lowell have given expression to their feelings upon the late Sumner outrage, by sending to P.S. Brooks, thirty pieces of silver (3 cent pieces), a rope and a winding sheet, with the following letter expressing their sentiments:  Mr. B. - Sir: Perceiving by the public prints that your friends are giving expression to their sentiments towards you by rich tokens of esteem, we, too, the factory girls of Slaves," yet who are not such abject slaves as not to understand - to appreciate - to detest - to abhor, with all the sympathy, humanity, and dignity of woman, and as the free daughters of New England, your late base, "murderous, brutal, cowardly" attack upon one of New England's sons and noblemen, Massachusetts, Senator Sumner the champion of freedom for those who now wear Southern fellers, and the watchman and guardian of the rights, of the Northern laborer, lest those same fetters be fastened up on our feet, and the slaves manacles encircle our wrists, and then dark pall of slavery be drawn over our minds.

     Such a man we honour, and he who has no arguments to use but the cudgel - no sense of honour but the duelists - no innate sense of truth, right and justice, but the betrayer's, certainly deserves the fate of Judas.  And we wish to aid him in obtaining it; we therefore send you thirty pieces of silver, a good new rope, and cloth of our own manufacture for a winding sheet, begging you to accept them as soon as possible follow your illustrious predecessor Judas: and know well as you do it, that a whole army of true women, here, are spinning the threads and watching the flying shuttles that shall ere long, as we trust, weave the web of Freedom, long and wide enough for the winding sheet of that atrocious system, American Slavery. 

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