Paul, Mary 1849
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                                                          Lowell2 July 1st 1849

 My health has been pretty good though I have been obliged to be out of the mill 
four days. I thought then that it would be impossible for me to work through the hot 
weather. But since I think I shall manage to get through after a fashion. I do not know 
what wages I am to have as I have not yet been paid but I shall not expect much, as I have 
not been able to do much, although I have worked very hard.

Mary Paul

1Mary Stiles Paul b: 26 Jan 1830, Hanover, NH d: 12 Dec 1899, 
    Cambridge, MA; parents: Bela Paul b: Taunton, MA and Mary 
    Briggs b: Keene, NH; married in Lowell 1857: Isaac Guild b: 
    19 Jun 1831, NH; Isaac Guild 1860: marble works, Lynn, MA; 
    children: Irving Tracy Guild and Sidney Paul Guild.
    Twenty-five of her letters, covering the years 1845-1862 have 
    survived. She began working as a domestic in Bridgewater, Vermont. 
    1845-1848 worked in Lowell textile mills. 1848 joined her father in 
    Claremont, New Hampshire. 1850 returned to Vermont for a short spell. 
    Then she joined Lowell companions at an agricultural utopian community 
    in Redbank, New Jersey for a year. Following her brief tenure at the 
    collective, she once again returned to New Hampshire.
2Lowell, Massachusetts.

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