Paul, Mary 1845
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                                                          Lowell2 Nov 20th 1845

Dear Father

            An opportunity now presents itself which I improve in writing to you. I started for 
this place at the time I talked of which was Thursday. I left Whitneys at nine o'clock 
stopped at Windsor at 12 and staid till 3 and started again. Did not stop again for any 
length of time till we arrived at Lowell. Went to a boarding house and staid until Monday 
night. On Saturday after I got here Luthera Griffith went round with me to find a place 
but we were unsuccessful. On Monday we started again and were more successful, We 
found a place in a spinning room and the next morning I went to work. I like very well 
have 50 cts first payment increasing every payment as I get along in work have a first rate 
overseer and a very good boarding place. I work on the Lawrence Corporation. Mill is No 
2 spinning room. l was very sorry that you did not come to see me start. I wanted to see 
you and Henry but I suppose that you were otherways engaged. I hoped to see Julius but 
did not much expect to for I sposed he was engaged in other matters. He got six dollars 
for me which I was very glad of. It cost me $3.25 to come. Stage fare was $3.00 and 
lodging at Windsor, 25 cts. Had to pay only 25 cts for board for 9 days after I got here 
before I went into the mill. Had 2.5O left with which I got a bonnet and some other small 
articles. Tell Harriet Burbank to send me paper. Tell her I shall send her one as soon as 
possible. You must write as soon as you receive this. Tell Henry I should like to hear 
from him. If you hear anything from William write for I want to know what he is doing. I 
shall write to Uncle Millers folks the first opportunity. Aunt Nancy presented me with a 
new alpacca dress before I came away from there which I was very glad of. I think of 
staying here a year certain, if not more. I wish that you and Henry would come down 
here. I think that you might do well. I guess that Henry could get into the mill and I think 
that Julius might get in too. Tell all friends that I should like to hear from them.
  1Mary Stiles Paul b: 26 Jan 1830, Hanover, NH d: 12 Dec 1899, 
    Cambridge, MA; parents: Bela Paul b: Taunton, MA and Mary 
    Briggs b: Keene, NH; married in Lowell 1857: Isaac Guild b: 
    19 Jun 1831, NH; Isaac Guild 1860: marble works, Lynn, MA; 
    children: Irving Tracy Guild and Sidney Paul Guild.
    Twenty-five of her letters, covering the years 1845-1862 have 
    survived. She began working as a domestic in Bridgewater, Vermont. 
    1845-1848 worked in Lowell textile mills. 1848 joined her father in 
    Claremont, New Hampshire. 1850 returned to Vermont for a short spell. 
    Then she joined Lowell companions at an agricultural utopian community 
    in Redbank, New Jersey for a year. Following her brief tenure at the 
    collective, she once again returned to New Hampshire.
  2Woodstock, Vermont.
excuse bad writing and mistakes 

              This from your own daughter


P.S. Be sure and direct to No. 15 Lawrence Corporation.

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