Page, Sarah Jane 1860s
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                      Great Falls3 Nov the 17th [1858-1862]4

Dear Mary

      acording to agreement I now
seat myself to pen a few lines to you to let you
know how I am prospering I have at last arrived
Great Falls and am now in my little chamber
surronded by these walls only but my mind is
far away from here it is with you I wish that I
was near enough to you so that I could run
in and see you this evening and have a long
chat with you - I arrived here last Wenesday and went
to work thursday I like in the Mill first rate but
I don't like my boarding place very well there is
19 or 20 in famely I have to go up three flights
of stairs to get to my chamber and then sleep alone.
I don't like it at all I don't think I shall stay here
my life time if I do it will be short.

 When they changed cars for Great Falls I did
not understand them and they carried me to North
Berwick5 where Charles is to work and I stayed

  1Sarah Jane Eddy Page b: 1830, MA; parents: John T. and Sarah 
     Page; married 1864: Lambert Jackson b: 1828, Manchester, Eng.
  2Mary Elizabeth Manson b: 1837, MA; parents: David and Jane F. 
    Manson; married 1854: John S. Crocker; residence 1860: 
    Salisbury, MA.
  3Great Fall, New Hampshire now Somersworth, New Hampshire.
  4Although there is not a complete date on this letter, it was written 
     between 1858-1862.
  5North Berwick, Maine.

all night with my cousin they gave me
a ticket so that ride did not cost me
anything. I went into the mill to see Charles
and I saw the overseer in the weaving room he
wanted me to stay there and go to work, but I
thought as my baggage was all at G. Falls that I would
come back here but if I can't get into a private
family to board I shall go there now for I am
dreadful homesick here I like the place and I like
my work but I don't like this little attic.

 The small pox6 is raging in Dover7 I understood
that they had stoped all the mills and meetings and schools
on acount of it there is 30 or 40 cases of it I do not
know of any more to write to night it is most
ten o clock and I guess I must close my letter by
bidding you good night be sure and write as soon as
you get this for I shall want to know if you get
it give my love to your man8 and all the
rest of the folks direct your letter to Great
Falls NH when you write tell me Charles has got

                       From your affectionate
                       Sarah J. Page

[on cover]
Mrs. Mary E. Crocker
Salisbury Point, Mass.

  6Smallpox Epidemic in New Hampshire about 1858.
  7Dover, New Hampshire.
  8John S. Crocker b: 1831, Salisbury d: 30 Sep 1873, 
    Salisbury, MA; married 1854: Mary Elizabeth Manson.


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