Marden (Mariam) Letter 1846
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J. Fishers Sunday after meeting July 19th 1846

Dear Cousin

             With shame & neglect I set myself down
to addres a few lines to you my helth is quite good
this somer & hope through the goodness of God you injoy
the same blessing. I hope you will excuse me for not
riting before. I have hardly had time to think of eny
thing sense I received your leter we are preparing for a weding I expect Maria
will be marred this week further more I received a leter
from Edmund Rowe the same day I received yours & he
thought he should come soon I wanted to see him 
before I rote to you but he has not come I thought
I would wait no longer you sed you would like
to have me come to factory I should like to come
& work with you if I thought it would agrea 
with me since I have been sick the Doctor isnít
will not to for me to work in a factory but if I
knew I shall work out a grait while I guess I
should say it I suppose I shad have to stay hear
this fawll at eny rait & if they donít want me eny
longer & Mr a you know who is wiling I shal stor
my duds to the factory I want you to rite & let me
know how to geet thare & whare to find you if
I should happen to take a nosion to come.
you sed you had thought of coming to Dedham
I wish very much you would come & stay a
hole week
  1Miriam Lindsay Marden b: 1827, North Searsport, ME d: 1852, 
     Freedom, ME; parents: John Marden and Eliza Munsey; married 
     1848: Phineas Gustavus Warren b: 19 Nov 1822, Freedom, ME 
     d: 1 Aug 1881, Unity, ME.

you can come from Boston hear for two & six pance
take the Dedham train in Boston & come to
Dedham village that is 3 miles from hear then
take the stage & you will be left at our gait
rite & let me know if you can come & when
so that I may be at home I suppose you
knew Brother Clark is marred. Edmund was 
to Fathers a few weeks ago & ses he had a very
good visit I guess I am glad of that I guess you
will think I am a funny gob to turn off a fellow
and take him back again that is just like you cus
when I see you I will tell you all about it
monday night I am finishing this leter
you nead not think I had a beau last night cos
I dident but Maria did and Mrs. Fishers sister
had a baby & I went to meeting no wander
I couldent rite wow cus laugh it seams just as though
I can hear you now sis do come & see me we will
have a first rait time no aunts Mercy hear
to scolds we can run about and have 
a biencour time & shant have nobody to wach us
every time we speak or stir I have got more yarns
to tell you then I can in a week
now let us be good girls and live for our
selfs and not for a nother remember me
when it is well with you

give my love to Ruth & Susan
but be sure & let no one see this
I came hear in april & have nine shillings per week this somer
Yours truly Susan Marden

[written on side of letter]

Joseph Fishers West Dedham  cus donít go home
                                    until I see you
                                    when you rite tel
                                    me all about your beau

[on cover]
West Dedham Mass
July 18, 1846

Miss Mariam L. Marden


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