Anonymous (Lizzie) 1866
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Courtesy: University of Massachusetts Lowell
Transcribed: University of Massachusetts Lowell, Center for Lowell History
April 16, /66

To All At-Home

                       Here I am
safely landed in Lowell. I got
at the Depot at half past five
and the first smiling face
I saw was Calistaís1. I was
glad to be sure I got my bag-
gage and myself in a hack
and went to Mrs. Sanbornís
they were setting the table for
tea Ė soon.  Calista and Lucy
came in I was introduced to
the boarders.  a part of them
there are twenty - I think.
then we had tea then
went to our room and talked
fast for awhile till the streets
were lit then we (Kitt and I)
went out - to the post-office &
to walk. see such a sight of
pretty things it makes me
want to get rich right away
now we are in our room
both writing Kitt had a letter
from Fisher they have got a
boy.  I hope I am going to
like - donít feel a bit homesick
yet for all my room is not
very large or nice.  donít know
rather Kitt and I shall room
together or not - guess we shall sleep
together tonight.  Had
a good visit with Mary.  She
met me at the Depot.  I had an
awful headache that day was
not dressed quite warm enough

  1Calista Burgin b: 1836, ME; working in cotton mill, boarding at 
      Mary J. Hutchinson b: 1814

I guess to go round the horn.
Mary and I went to ride
yesterday went to Church in the
morning and to walk in the
afternoon down to view
the Con river it was very
pleasant indeed I like Haverhill.
Guess I will finish this after I see
what has happened tomorrow &
write a bit to that - Good bye for
to night.

Lizzie Wednesday eve -

                       I have just eaten
my supper and trotted up stairs to
write a few words.  I tell you I have
splendid exercise running up and
down stairs on the third floor
to work and on the third to sleep.

Thursday eve Ė I shall get this letter
done some time I am pretty busy.
I have worked in the shop two
days and a half and have made
two vests and begun the third now
havnít I been smart?  Mr. Winnek2
is very kind and pleasant.  I think
I shall like him.  I work in the back
shop.  there are seven besides me.
in the front shop there are as many.
my window opens out on the
carpet mills - the cotton & woolen
mills and canal between them
can hear the machinery.  the front
shop windows open on Central St
where horse cars and every thing
are passing all the time  noise
enough.  I have enough in back
shop.  I like the girls much Miss
Fisk boards here.  we go back &
fourth together.  She is a good
girl I am going to like.  Kitt
& I have roomed together so far

  2William G. Winneck, tailorshop, Burbank & Winnek, 53 Central 
      Street, house 1 Nesmith Street

hope shall continue.  I hope it
will not be sickly here.  if any
contagious thing comes along
I shall skedaddle.

I have been out shopping this
eve got me some paper & envelopes
new post money and hat  floss
I have been to Mr. Wheeler house
did not find any one at home
went to the counting room but
did not see Mr. Wheeler.  But
left the sugar to the next
door to Mr. Wís & word that
I would call soon.  I must
close & finish Hatís letter.  turn
Give my love
to all my
friends if I have
any and write
soon to your

and tell every-
one else to write
direct to

Good Bye
Love from
Kitt &


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