Howard, Ann K. 1859 12 04
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                           Lowell,3 December 4, 1859

Dear Nephew,

                           I thought I would write
you this eve as it is stormy and could not go
to meeting. I went this morning and did not
come home until after the meeting in the afternoon 
it commenced to snow, last eve and it still
continues to. the first we have had here
enough for sleighing, they have had more
in the country some time ago. we have had a
very warm fall it is not quite cold weather.
my health is quite good yet at this time.

I was glad to hear that you and Jane have
been to school again at the Village and learned
so well. a great excitement through the country
about Capt. John Brown being executed. I
suppose you have heard more about it than
coin tell you he: - arrested with 4 others
in helping 2 slaves runaway, he was to be
executed last Friday. we have not
heard whether he was or not. we heard
that armed men were going there from
the states and the southerners were afraid
they would get him. the three are to be
executed the 16th of Dec. Mr. B said he was
ready to die it was a good cause he
had been engaged in the sympathy thirerny
Bells tolled - last Friday from ten to
twelve but did not in this city

  1 Ann K. Howard b: 3 Mar 1810, ME d. 30 May 1873, ME; 
      parents: Joshua Howard and Zilpha Reynolds.
  2 Scott O. Jose b: 27 Apr 1841, ME; parents: Moses W. Jose 
      and Zilpha C. Howard; married: Martha E. Curtis.
  3 Lowell, Massachusetts.

not so many abolitionist here as used
to be when O. Scott4 was alive. 

they have taken up a collection to help
B. wife and children. I was glad to
hear they remembered her - - - -

your Mother did say any thing in her
last about going to Kennebec suppose
she did not go. I heard that Helen and
Caroline Snell was a good deal better
and Cynthia was quite out of health.
I suppose you see the death of Daniel
Robbins of Vassalboro he died with the
consumption. he left a wife and 5 children.
his sister Hannah Ellis took one of his boys
about a year ago as long as she lived not
thinking she would out live him and so
I suppose she will keep it. the paper
stated he had been pious 15 years and
died in peace - your Mother said Mrs. Brown
was at L I had not heard of it before,
but I presume she is there. I have not
written to Mrs. Bray for some time I think
I shall, before a great while for I want to
hear from her and the rest of the folks.
have you heard from Dunbar Howard
lately?  I wrote to Desire but have had
no answer yet. I would like to hear from
them. Charl Joy said she went to the
Camp meeting at Kendalls Mills last
fall her Father and Mother are living
at Clinton with a Daughter of hers
thanksgiving day. I went to meeting
the three Methodist societies met at St. Pauls.
Bro. Collier preached from the Hundred psalm
first and 4th verses he preached a very
good sermon.  in the after noon I called 
at a friend Home and took supper with
them and made another call - - - -
how does Reynolds twin calves coming on.

I do not know whether I wrote about 
Mrs. Caroline Stone going to Lawrence
to live or not. Theresa Howard Married

  4 Rev. Orange Scott.
a J. Foss. they say he has got with a
[---] first and run away to California.

I do not know where she is. I am
sorry for her for she is a nice girl. her
grandfather Gould has gone from [B---]
one of his grand daughters keep his house.
we expected H.W. Beecher to lecture to the
Middlesex Mechanics Association last week but
did not come, but they expect him
some time this winter. I shall try and
go and hear him - - - -

I think I will close for I do not
know as you can read it has your M 
had her picture taken yet - - - -

From your Aunt Ann K. Howard

O Scott Jose give my love to all

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