Morrill, Paul 1833 01 14
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                      Nashua  January 14, 1833
Friend Alfred
I have received two letters from
you one about a week since and the other today
and here I am seated at an old table to answer
them “according to promise”. Well, what now shall I
write, O, in the first place I am pretty [d-lish?] tired,
well what is that to me, It may not be much to
you but it is considerable to me though.-I
have tried to get the young man that you sent to
me, employment, but could not, Mr. Hunt has
sufficient help for the present, and Mr. Beard says
he does not want him. I am sorry for it as he appears to
be a very civil clever young man, but there is not much
chance for printers in this place to let themselves-
We get on pretty well here with working hard, but that
is what I have been used to, so that I do not mind
it much. You say business is very good with you and
I hope it will continue so. Your paper has come
to me once which is the only time it has been received
in this office, you say you directed it to “Gazette”
but it was not received, probably there was some
mistake, if you will direct it to “Gazette” in future
it will save me some few coppers, and I can have
the same benefit of it that I can if it comes
directed to me, and you shall have a “Gazette” in
exchange-You say you do not know whether to answer
the piece in the last Gazette, about “Uncle John”
or not. By answering it you might offend some of our
“good folks” up here, and probably you would not
like to do that, so upon the whole I think you had better
answer it,-I do not know who wrote it. Beard is
about enlarging his paper, and I understand he’s
bought Meecham’s type-Rogers say the [telegraphs?] office is pretty 
much split up-and I shall be pretty well “done up” to-
morrow if I don’t stop writing for to night so I will
just say I remain your friend

Paul Morrill

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