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                                              Dunstable, Oct. 28, 1832

Friend Alfred

   It is a long time since I have seen
or heard from you only by chance, but by chance
I have heard from you several times, in a number
of places, in Boston, Bangor, etc. Why have you not
written to me in some of your peregrinations. I have
looked for a letter from you this being time, but
in vain, have you forgotten your old Friend, or did
you think he had forgotten you , if so you have
greatly mistaken me, never can I forget a friend with 
whom I have been in so many different scenes in prosperity
and in adversity, and one whom I always found a true
Friend indeed, no Alfred, and I cannot think that
you have forgotten me, but perhaps new friends and
acquaintances have, for the time made you put me
out of your mind or maybe some sweetheart, oh
dear, I wish you some my troubles with them,----
Alfred they have jilted and humbugged me till
I have almost sworn off from them entirely
but if you have got them to deal with, why
I will excuse your not writing to me. I un-
derstand that you set up a printing office
in Lowell, for Book & Job printing, and intend
publishing a paper for the special benefit of the Ladies,
now if I envy you your talk, that is if you are not better at
Iit than I am, however I wish you success in your
undertaking and not only in this but in all others
in which you may engage. Parson Shallon has got up a
new paper in this place, as is supposed, and has
got Mr. Beard of the Telegraph to print it in 

his name, but I think they will make but
A sorry job of it, as the old man has but very
few friends in this place now, and every one
thinks that he is at the bottom of it- as for
myself I am at work for Col. Hunt and have
Rrather low wages at present and pretty hard work
I intend to have more wages soon or I shall leave
Nashua for some other quarters. I shall have
worked here six months the first of November
when I shall settle with Mr. Hunt and tell
him that he must raise my wages or look
out for other help. My health has been very
good, I intend visiting Lowell soon. You must
write me immediately after receiving this, or I shall
think that you are never going to notice me again, tell
me how you succeed with your new establishment, if
you realize your expectations and if you and Mr.
Billings have settled about your wages, etc.-

Yours, etc.
Paul Morrill

Write often and I will answer your letters


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