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Toner, E.C. 1862-03-09 [LNHP]


[Lowell]2 March 9 1862 

Friend Amy,

           I send this letter as a mission of interested benevolence knowing that your 
curiosity would be very much exerted if you should chance to hear that the renowned 
Artemis Ward had delivered a Lecter to the greedy soles of Lowell:  Well, Amy I paid ... 
of a dollar and passed in to see the Elephant: and hear him speak.  I have not yet fully 
convinced myself whither I am out a quarter, and not got my moneys worth or not . be it 
as it will I dont feel particularly over... with Artemis remarks this delightful morning. 
perhaps the effulgent rays of the March sun somewhat oblitirated the brightness of the 
son borned of woman.  But it dont make an artom difference,

             I do not deem my promise negated to give you the Lecter in full for it has the 
greatest mass of nothingness that I ever knew myself to sit and listen to patiently for a 
whole hour in my life.  he didnt stick to one point while a body was getting ready to hear 
it.  but after all Artemis is no fool. but I should say he was rather a conceited fop with 
light brown hair and a large Moustache coulerd small in size about as large as any small 
man:  His subject was the Children in the Wood he said he had thought some time what 
subject would interest the public most, and he thought as the Children in the Wood were 
pore Children people might like to hear about them.  but Artemis I found was fond of .... 
this for instance, uncle Ben climed up a tree and uncle John climed after him:  I call such 
outbursts of eloquence his variations.  he did deal jointly with Floyd the Traitor. he said 
the first thing he ever was known to steal was his granmothers knitting needles and sold 
them for old steel.  but his pilfering  propensities didnt stop there.  so he takes him to 
Washington and has him steel every thing there that he could get his hands on and said he 
would have taken Buchanans character if he had had one to lose.  Mr South had no Pillow
to lie there head upon, nor money nor Pride.  now comes the courtship of Mahitaable 
Baxter and John W. Jones.  the scene was another house in the wood, with a large fire 
place with a bright fire  Mahitable sits in one corner John in the other.  John hitched them 
Mahitable hitched them then they both hitched them they both hitched again and kept 
hitching till they couldnt get any hitches and so the courtship ended once more ... of his ... 
and I condemn him to the ... past.  he thinks the hight of earthly happiness is to wear 
white pants and hold an infant while it is eating molases candy.  he looks to me as tho, 
that was about as much happiness as he is capable of appreciating.  But for sure he knows 

 1 Amy Melenda Galusha b: 16 Apr 1825, Berkshire, VT d: 9 Oct 1869, Berkshire, VT.
 2 Lowell, Massachuisetts.

one thing and that is how to get money.  So joy and peace be with him I cant.  Farwell not 
my only appreciated Artemis,  only you grow and thrive in ..., and not wast poor persons 
time laughing at ones own jokes.

             Now Amy I really hope that you will deem it your privelege to appreciate Artemis 
as he deserves and not be anfluenced by my rather detrimental remarks concerning the 
young adventurer?

             Spring has arrived and winter with its icy fetters is beginning to give way to its 
genial smiles  next comes April with its smiles and tears.  That Month with its variations 
puts me in mind of the condemed Artemis, then comes balmy May and Rosy June 
follows quickly in its footsteps with its singing birds and blossoming flowers its 
springing grass its bubbling Brooks. Oh? this is indeed a beautiful time.  My month of all 
the year, next I love October with its warling winds its foot prints of ..., reminding us that 
we too must pass away.  I like to wander far away from the scenes of busy life in the 
mellon [melon] tinted Indian summer days and comtemplate upon the past with its bright 
and veried rays presenting the minds eye.  Childhood is happy Girlhood is blissful 
Womanhood?  must I say it is miserable:  all owing to an ill spent life.  I presume.  well 
never mind?  What cant be cured must be endured.  “As the twig is bent, so is the tree 

             Well?  Old Lowell still stands upon the earth.  The mighty eruption of ... the 
thundering of cannons nor the booming of shell has not as yet disturbed its equilibrium.  I 
dont think any thing would but the rise or fall King Cotton?  presume you have heard that 
is reign affects this City of Spindles not a little.

             This house: and its inmates are still in existence.  one of our number has departed 
this shore and is gliding adown the blissful river of Matrimony.  peace and a lot of Babies 
to Lizzy Longs and John Lakings ashes.  she that was Ann Eliza Price died with 
consumption about three months ago.  That tribe that took up there quarters in the lower 
font asscended into the atic. couldnt stand the pressure of four in a small room and closed 
windows.  Granny Shaw wont have them up nights prefers her own [s----k] to the fresh 
breeze of heaven, My anxiety is increasing daily:  I am afraid this war raging out west 
will exterminate, then farwell to my hopes of ever meeting Ike Lortte or A... Sonvig.  I 
suppose they will be scalped or put to an end in some diabolical manner:  Alas:  I  believe 
Amy that you owe me a letter:  but nothing daunted at your neglect I push forward like 
the dead Artemis and write you because I feel like it.  The story is now that we will not 
have work longer than May.  I think I shall advise Hinkley to send on for a quantity of the 
contrubands3 and see if we cant improve the race by running them through:  Lucy and 
Carrie still in room with me.  and send there love.  Mrs McIntosh has not been very well 
for the past two weeks but she is some better  I want you to write me and tell me all about 
your grand times, please excuse this combination of all sorts. and believe me when I say I 
have done my best.

3 A reference to slaves captured after Union victories who were considered to be contraband until the 
    end of the war clarified their status.

                                                                               Truly E C Toner

[on cover]
Amy Galusha 
Berkshire, VT


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