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Glusha, Aaron, Polly, and Arvilla 1852-01-12 [LNHP]


[Lowell]5  January 12 1852

Dear sister

            after so long a silence I will try to direct a few lines to you I guess that you will 
wonder at my writing monday morning but I had not time to write yesterday and but little 
this morning for I must go to my School  I am teaching over east in the bard district I 
have a handsome school of about 25. in number  I have eight dollars a month and am to 
keep three months  I commensed the last day of 51  I like my School well but time moves 
slow with me  there has been a good many deaths within the circle of ... the particulars of 
which ... will ... write as I have not .. excuse my imperfect scribaling ... had ... few 
moments ... thus ... home as soon ... words I have spelt wrong and ... together so if you 
can ... you will do better than I could if I had time to try good by by  by

            A L Galusha
            the sweet word good bye


Dear Amy

Lele has been gone an hour and I do not wash today for the funeral of aunt Olive is 
attended at 12 oclock, I wrote a letter to aunt Irene Laura and Jane yesterday after 
meeting & intended to have written to you but Sall Willis came in and Oliver so you see 
that I could not write for she has got into a muss with John Thompson our singing Master 
and she makes it go, it commenced in the meeting house one week yesterday  and she 
followed him to singing school, sounded just like him hectered him blamed him untill he 
threatened to put her out of the house if he had to do it in piece meals & hang the next 

 1  Brother – Aaron Leland Galusha b: 14 Sep 1832, VT; married: Sarah Armstrong.
 2 Parents – William Galusha b: 1796, VT; occupation: minister; married 1825: Polly Larabee
     b: 4 Feb 1797,  Weathersfield, VT d: 8 Dec 1874, VT.
 3Sister – Arvilla Galusha
 4Amy Melenda Galusha b: 16 Apr 1825, Berkshire, VT d: 9 Oct 1869, Berkshire, VT.
 5Lowell, Massachusetts.

morning before breakfast  as you can see her topic was not very edifying to me  pa, went 
to bed & I was gone to bed before she came for he had a violent head ache and Arvill6
sat and read all the evening  so you see that I was obliged to put off writing for it was 
impossible,  she finally drove him out of the singers sect yesterday  she went ant took his 
seat below and that gave her a chance of crowing, but she has a good many supporters 
which emboldens her to render herself ridiculous  we think ... like the monky’s taking the 
cats claws to ... the fire  they are a setting ... they are ashamed to do ... since the ... for you
..., which is the ... your last letter, Viola went ... week ... and we have heard by Rhodas 
letter that you were well & we fondly hope that is is so but we know your feeble 
constitution and have evry thing to fear,  the cold weather commenced in no[v] and has 
continued until the last of dec we thaw two or three day but it has turned and remains 
cold  we have had good sleighing ever since the 15th of no on which day I received a
letter from you with a ten in it,  we have done very well for provision  have not had great
... while Ira ... us a bushel of corn and a piece of cheeze and said that it be the last for they 
were a going to move away  Harlow Woodworth has bought his place as sold his acre to 
Hamilton and his house to Steward Adams,  last wednesday aunt Sally Nelson came here 
& Samuel Chaffe & wife  the[y] feetched some pork flour and a bushel of corn and grey 
cloth  for pa a pair of pants & a new coat that was unkle Reubins  I am making pa’s pants 
and shall have to alter the coat before he can wear it,  Leles school will be out about the 
middle of march 

Dear Sister

            Mother has left a little space for me to fill  I am going to school now  I have been 
out to Wm  Jane has been very sick  I stayed there 4 weeks and 1 days and ... been to 
school 5 week  I study Arithmetic Grammer and Geography ... it did not make much 
difference with me staying ... long for I am almost caught up with my class ... of it ... 
thinks of going to ... she ... money  she thinks of ... send ... his keeping ... Jack ... my 
scribling for it is school ...


well Arville is short and I was ... project that she has got into her head ... to Lowell & 
leaving her babe with me but it is a ... in the air  She knows that you have got a [weave] 
that will last longer than you will and she aspires to attain to your good graces but it is 
two late  I have not told her what I think for you know that it would not do  she is nervous 
and her complaint is in the head probably neurology and that will never do to combat the 
noise of the mill room,  once in four weeks ever since you went away she has been 
afflicted with the head ache in such a violent manner as to almost render her insane and 
Wm knows nothing about comforting a nervous person  he bears right on the same as if 
she was iron  blames her for evry thing thing,  I do not suppose he intends to injure her 

6 Sister – Arvilla Galusha

but it is his way  he has built himself a shop and got it finished  burned a cole pit and got 
a hundred logs into the mill  he has got into debt and hates to hire in the house to pay any 
thing and that was the reason of their sending for Arvill  they only asked for her 2 or 3 
day the wednesday before our school commenced and kept her 4 weeks and 1 day and 
now he wont pay her  we would not have had her lost the schooling for a dollar a week 
but she learns very fast now for she has improved greatly since you went away in body 
and in mind  Helen wants her with her all the time for she loves her and she is afraid that 
we shall all slight her on Wms account which she cannot bear but Amy you know what 
chance she  would have to fix her things there  she wore out every thing she had but the 
lionece dress  she did not have that with her and she and I have ben obliged to sit up...
and wash in the evening and I do evry way to make her ... to go to school  but her health 
is quite good so far ... and that she always has in the winter  she ... school for fear she will 
be sick ... has learnt very well untill ... will not meddle with it ... she is as much engaged
... if you write ... console her ... and sometime I think ... to ...  I suppose it is her ... her 
sick ... for he is ... from men of talent and justice  he will always be Wm Kendall and 
poor Jane is is wife,  well now I hope I shall have answer ever so soon as you can write 
telling me that you have got you a satin cloak and 2 or 3 new dresses & finally evry thing 
to make you comfortable and happy  P L Galusha

pa sits here & sits and says I nowe she is well  tell Viola not to to get married utnill she 
comes home for pa begun the marrying a couple namely Adrian Chaplin to Serebla 


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