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Galusha, Arvilla 1865 05 19


[Lowell]2 May 19 [1865]

My Dear Mother

I have just recd your letter and hasten to reply  I am at work in No 1 mill an board at Mrs 
Sawyers 110 Prince etc  I did board at No 9 dutton street on the Merrimack corp but they 
had mostly Irish so my room mate and I picked up out dudds and came over here because 
there are more Americans  What makes you pay any attention to what Geo. says  you 
know he will lie like the devil about me if I dont do as he says  but he can lie all he 
pleases, now I shall never have any more to do with him that is sure,  you asked me what 
makde me leave Wanooski.3  I will tell you  the work was too hard in the first place and 
the next place, while I was at home last fall Seymore Galusha came there and told all of 
that nasty stinking Thompson scrape to Mrs Deal  Ellen and Emma  but I did not know it 
till Emma got mad at me for something some little trouble and told it all over;  I went into 
the mill the next morning and gave my notice  I got your letter there and you talked of 
going to Sutton4 so I did not answer it for I did not know where I should go  whether I 
should go home or go to Lawrence5 where Pauline is  but when my notice was up I settled 
up my affairs and thought I would go home  I happened to get hold of a Boston Journal 
and I read in it that the mills were starting up so I made my tracks for here  I started from 
there friday night and got here Saturday morning about 9 oclock  I went right to the mill 
got a place the first time asking  My Sewing Machine I did not take  I paid him for the 
use of it and he paid me back the rest that I had paid for it  I had some money left when I 
got here and what Sarah clark lent me, I put in the penny bank so I could have a little in 
time of need,  if I could have brought it with me I should but I can get one cheaper and 
better here this spring for I have been looking around for one,  you ask me what trouble I 
have had with Geo. not a mite more than I ever had only he has not forgot to lie and I 
came to the conclusion it was not best to have nay more to do with him,  I sent to him for 
some money last sumer and he woudl not send it to me, but I shall never ask him for any 
more, I was in a very bad pinch last summer but that I got out of at last but I hardly knew 
one aprill which way to turn myself  it was then I needed help if I ever did in my life but 
that is past  I hope I shall never get pinched so again, I shall send Leal6 the money just as 

  1Mother Polly Larabee b: 4 Feb 1797, Weathersfield, VT d: 8 Dec 1874, VT; married 1825: 
    William Galusha b: 1796, VT; occupation: minister.
  2Lowell, Massachusetts.
  3Winsooki, Vermont.
  4Sutton, Quebec, Canada.
  5Lawrence, Massachusetts.
  6Brother Aaron Leland Galusha b: 14 Sep 1832, VT; married: Sarah Armstrong.

soon as I can earn it  I shall not break into that I have in the bank, I did have a long letter 
from Sarah7 it was full of slang and nothing else and I shall send it to Leal and tell him 
that I want no more such

[on cover]
Polly Galusha

  7Sister-in-law Sarah Armstrong.


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